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What Does “Accepted for Transportation by Post” Mean? (AliExpress)

You’re expecting an order from AliExpress and you have received an “Accepted for Transportation by Post” status update.

What does this update mean exactly? What has happened to the tracking and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Accepted for Transportation by Post AliExpress

The “Accepted for Transportation by Post” alert from AliExpress can occur in several places along the transit route. Essentially it is triggered at points where the next step of physical transit is about to take place. The alert is a confirmation that the carrier involved has received details of the shipment and has assigned transportation for it.

Accepted for Transportation by Post AliExpress – Guide

Taking a look at different tracking alert chains where the “Accepted for Transportation by Post AliExpress” update has been used, it is clear that the alert can occur at different stages of the transit journey.

In the screenshot below, we can see that the alert has been sent after the item has left the origin country.

Accepted for Transportation by Post

The update is confirming that the carrier inside the destination country is aware of the arrival of the shipment, and has “accepted the transportation” of the package in terms of the fact that it will undertake responsibility.

In another tracking chain we can see that the alert was sent much earlier in the transit journey, (it is still inside the origin country).

Accepted for Transportation by Post

The update was triggered at the point the line-haul carrier claimed responsibility to undertake overseas transit.

Other update chains I have seen show that the “Accepted for Transportation by Post AliExpress” can be triggered upon arrival inside the destination country and shows that the local postal service has accepted responsibility for final delivery.

Where is My Package When I Receive this Update?

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Because this alert can be triggered during different stages of the shipment, you actually have to look at the updates that surround it, in order to help determine progress.

This is what makes this a relatively vague update that I recommend you pay little heed to.

In fact, this being an AliExpress shipment, I often state that ignoring the tracking until the package reaches the final stages of delivery, (or remains undelivered after several weeks in transit) is the best course of action.

These shipments take time.

AliExpress Standard Shipments

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AliExpress standard delivery is between 15 and 45 business days. That’s over two months!

If you end up stressing about each update, contradictory sets of alerts (or even the lack of updates), you are doing yourself a disfavor.

I recommend that only when the 60-day buyer guarantee period starts to run out should you be concerned.

At that stage, you can contact the seller or open a dispute with AliExpress about the non-delivery of your item.

Final Words

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I recommend you relax and ignore the updates

The “Accepted for Transportation by Post AliExpress” is just one of those updates that you see but reveal little and is best ignored.

At the very least you know that that the carrier responsible for the next stage of the transit process is aware of the existence of the shipment, and has accepted responsibility for its transportation.

However, that carrier does not have your item at the time the update is sent.

Further updates, (should they be triggered), will tell you where the package is and provide more details on progress.

As said above though, there are no guarantees that you will even see these updates. So try to forget about your shipment until the delivery period reaches a close.

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