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What is UPS Blue & How to Use it

Today, we are going to deep dive into the world of UPS Blue, (excuse the rather poor pun 🙂 ).

We’ll explore what it is when to use it, transit times, costs, restrictions, pickup and delivery details, and more.

So, let’s unpack the UPS Blue shipping service.

What is UPS Blue Shipping?

UPS Blue is a two-business-day delivery shipping service provided by UPS that falls within their “Time-Definite” delivery options. It is designed to meet the needs of businesses and individuals looking for reliable, guaranteed delivery within a specific timeframe.

When Should You Use UPS Blue Shipping?

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UPS Blue is clearly meant to be used where a guaranteed delivery within two business days is fast enough for both sender and recipient.

However, beyond that, here are some scenarios in which UPS Blue may be the ideal choice:

  1. Economical but quick shipments: If you want a faster delivery service without the premium costs associated with express services like UPS Red (Next Day Air), UPS Blue is a cost-effective alternative.
  2. Reliable transit times: UPS Blue is known for its consistent transit times, making it a reliable choice for both business and personal shipments.
  3. Domestic and international shipments: UPS Blue is available for both domestic and international deliveries, expanding its usability for a wide range of customers.

What Are UPS Blue Transit Times and Delivery Guarantees?

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The transit times for UPS Blue can vary depending on the destination, however, rarely will delivery take place in just one day.

The guaranteed delivery period for the service is 2 days, and that is the time frame you can expect for the shipment to be concluded.

However, it’s important to note that delivery guarantees may be subject to exceptions based on unforeseen circumstances like weather disruptions or address-specific issues.

How Much Does UPS Blue Shipping Cost?

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The cost of UPS Blue shipping depends on several factors, including the package’s weight, dimensions, destination, and any additional services you require, such as insurance or signature confirmation.

As a result, it is difficult to give approximate costs in an article such as this.

That being said, UPS provides an online rate calculator that allows you to estimate the cost of shipping based on your specific needs.

As alluded to above, UPS Blue is a more budget-friendly option compared to express services like UPS Red.

Key Restrictions and Limitations of UPS Blue

UPS restrictions infographic

While UPS Blue is a dependable service, there are some restrictions and limitations to consider:

1. Package size and weight

UPS Blue has specific limits on the size and weight of packages.

The good news is, that these restrictions are common across all the services that UPS provides.

The weight and size guidelines for UPS services are as follows:

  • Packages can be up to 150 lbs
  • Packages can be up to 165 inches in length and girth combined
  • Packages can be up to 108 inches in length
  • Packages with a large size-to-weight ratio may be subject to special pricing and dimensional weight calculations.

Essentially, if your UPS shipment exceeds these limits, you will need to consider alternative shipping options.

2. Delivery Area Restrictions

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Some remote or hard-to-reach areas may have limited UPS Blue delivery options.

If you are sending an item to a mega-rural area, you might want to check with UPS to ensure your destination is eligible for the 2 business day delivery gurantee offered by UPS Blue.

3. Dangerous Goods and Restricted Items

UPS dangerous goods

As with any postal or carrier service, there are rules when it comes to the nature of the goods you send.

Certain items, such as hazardous materials, and illegal contraband are not eligible for UPS Blue shipping, or any kind of shipping for that matter.

Use your common sense in this regard, and if in any doubt, check out UPS’s guidelines for a list of restricted items.

What Are the Pickup and Delivery Cutoff Times?


To ensure your package is shipped on time, it’s crucial to be aware of pickup and delivery cutoff times.

These times can vary by location and service level, so it’s advisable to check with UPS or use their online tools to find the specific details for your shipment.

You can find out more here.

Does UPS Blue Deliver on Weekends or Holidays?


UPS Blue operates on business days, which means Monday through Friday.

This means that a package sent on Thursday, will in most cases, be delivered by Monday, (UPS does offer Saturday delivery options in some areas for an additional fee).

UPS Blue does not deliver on national public holidays.

Key Things to Remember About UPS Blue Shipping

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In summary, UPS Blue is a valuable shipping service that offers a cost-effective and reliable solution for time-sensitive deliveries.

Here are some key takeaways to remember:

  • UPS Blue is a time-definite shipping service suitable for a wide range of shipments.
  • It provides reliable transit times and delivery guarantees by specific times of day.
  • Costs vary based on package specifics and destination, and online rate calculators are available for estimating costs.
  • Be aware of package size and weight limitations, as well as delivery area restrictions.
  • Know the pickup and delivery cutoff times to ensure timely shipping.
  • UPS Blue primarily operates on business days, but weekend and holiday delivery is in most cases, not an option.

I hope that helps and that you have a clearer understanding of UPS Blue.

Happy shipping. 🙂

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