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What Does “No Such Number USPS” Mean? Full Guide

You’re expecting a delivery and you have received a “No Such Number USPS” alert. 

There are actually a number of scenarios where you might see this from USPS. One is when using an incorrect tracking number, another is after entering an invalid address when making an order. 

Alternatively, you may have reached this article because you have received a “USPS Package returned, NO SUCH NUMBER” status update.

Today, we’ll take a close look at all three….

1. Tracking a Package – No Such Number USPS

No Such Number USPS

Incorrect Tracking Number

The most common situation a customer experiences “No Such Number USPS” is through an incorrect tracking number. 

Simply put, if you type in the wrong number on the USPS tracking page, this is the message you will receive.

There are actually a number of reasons the USPS tracking system might not recognize the number you have entered.

First and foremost, you simply typed it in wrong. To ensure you have typed the number correctly I recommend that you cut and paste it from the confirmation email you received from USPS or the sender.

Alternatively, you may have a clickable tracking number link you can use. Any method that prevents you from having to type in the tracking number is preferred.

And if you do have to type it, try again and triple-check that it’s correct.

Searching on the Wrong Tracking Database

searching a database

If you type the number correctly (or used a link) and you are still receiving the “No Such Number USPS” response, double-check that you are using the right tracking database for the shipment.

You might be on the UPS tracking page for example, or you are dealing with a non-USPS package.

Make sure you haven’t made an error here before you start making further inquiries.

Invalid or Fake Tracking Number

fake on phone

You might have been given a fake number. This can sometimes happen with less than reputable vendors on eCommerce platforms (especially those on AliExpress or Alibaba).

If you have gone through the above two steps and the number is showing as “No Such Number USPS” it really could be that the tracking is invalid.

In this situation, you will need to contact the sender, explain the situation, and hope that the incorrect number was an innocent mistake on their part, rather than an attempt to con you.

Checking the number on a Universal Tracking App

tracking details search

Finally, before you contact the sender or USPS about the tracking number, check it on a universal tracking app such as 17Track or Parcelsapp.

If you have got your carriers mixed or maybe the item is not registering within the USPS database for any other reason, a universal app will be able to locate the details of the shipment if another carrier is responsible for it.

2. Making an Order – No Such Number USPS

girl frustrated on computer

If you are making a USPS delivery order online and you enter an invalid street number or Zip Code the system will often report back that there is “No Such Number USPS”.

While this doesn’t happen every time, the USPS address database is “intelligent” enough to recognize a number that is blatantly invalid.

If this is the case, you will need to go back and check the address details with the recipient to ensure you have the correct ones.

3. Status Alert: USPS Package Returned “No Such Number”

No Such Number USPS

The final scenario I am going to discuss today is the “USPS Package returned No Such Number” tracking update.

Arguably this is the most frustrating way to experience a “No Such Number” notification from USPS.

Essentially, this is where the USPS address database didn’t recognize the invalid number when the order was made.

However, now the shipment is close to delivery, the specific address cannot be found.

arrows in a loop

The fact the package is being returned means you have to act fast.

If you have only just received the update (and you are the recipient), you may be able to contact your local post office in time to halt the item from being returned back to the sender.

With any luck, the package is still with the delivery driver or inside the local post office or USPS facility.

This will allow you to make alternative delivery arrangements in light of the fact the initial attempt failed.

Unfortunately, it can be as simple as the street number being incorrect or the apartment number being left off the address.

Whatever, the outcome, you will clearly want to avoid the shipment being sent back to the sender.

Final Words

address on envelope

And there you have it, the three main scenarios you might receive a “No Such Number USPS” notification.

At least you have some actionable steps you can take now.

In most cases, the issue is not insurmountable and you will be able to find a solution. Good luck.

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