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USPS Tracking: No Secure Location Available – Meaning

You’re expecting a delivery from USPS and have received a “No Secure Location Available” tracking update or attempted delivery slip.

What does this mean exactly? Is it as self-explanatory as it seems? And where is your mail item after you have received this notification?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: No Secure Location Available

The “No Secure Location Available” notification from USPS simply means that final delivery could not take place as no secure location was found at or near the destination address for the item to be left.

No Secure Location Available – Guide

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The “No Secure Location Available” alert is used when the USPS mail person is unable to find a safe and secure option to deliver the mail item.

This can happen on both signed-for and standard mail deliveries, where the mailbox is too full, damaged, and exposed, (or even absent completely).

It will also be used when the USPS mail deliverer could not reach anyone at the destination address, or leave the item with a neighbor.

Also, if the item is non-signed for delivery and bad weather prevents the item from being left on the porch or could be susceptible to theft, delivery will not take place, and the “No Secure Location Available” notification will be used.

Essentially, if the USPS mail person cannot find a safe location to leave the mail item you will end up receiving this update via a tracking update and/or as an explanation on the attempted delivery form (USPS Form 3849).

Where is my Mail Item After the “No Secure Location Available” Update?


The location of your mail depends on the time that has passed since the notification was created.

For example, if you have just received this update, the item will still be with the USPS mail person.

Upon being unable to deliver the item, they will have scanned the label with the personal hand scanner, and stated the “No Secure Location Available” reason for the non-delivery.

It will then be placed inside the transport method used by the mail person and will be delivered back to the local post office at the end of the delivery round.

This in turn means that your package will be back at your local post office if several hours have passed since the update was sent.

Can I Pick Up My Item From the Post Office?

No Secure Location Available

It is possible to pick up your mail from your local post office after you have received the “No Secure Location Available” alert.

In normal circumstances, you should have received the USPS Form 3849 after the mail person failed to deliver.

This will give you details of the post office to which the mail has been returned to.

It will also provide you with information on when another attempt at delivery will take place.

However, you should contact the post office as soon as possible to arrange pick-up. Otherwise, your item may be dispatched once again to a delivery driver for a reattempt.

If you haven’t received the USPS form or you think it may have become lost, you can contact your local post office using the relevant details here.

I Have Received the “No Secure Location Available” Update for Multiple Deliveries

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If you keep on reaching this update there is clearly something wrong with your mailbox, (so items cannot be left there).

Or you are receiving signed-for items with no means for the USPS delivery person to retrieve an adequate signature.

The onus will be on you to rectify this situation.

For the former, you should check that your mailbox is clearly designated and associated with your delivery address.

It should also be cleared of any obstructions and kept empty of items so that new mail can be delivered.

If the issue is related to the latter (signature issue and the item cannot be left due to lack of a secure delivery location), you may want to talk to your neighbors to see if they will be willing to receive mail on your behalf.

You could also use USPS Delivery Instructions so that you can manage your incoming mail with greater efficiency, and where possible have it redirected to a more convenient location, (your workplace for example), or a USPS collection box.

Final Words

No Secure Location Available

The “No Secure Location Available” tracking update basically means that no secure location was found at the destination address for the USPS mail person to leave the item.

The mail will now be returned back to the post office and a reattempt at delivery will likely take place the following business day.

A USPS 3849 slip should have been left at the address with details of this.

You will be able to use this information to make arrangements for picking up the item from the post office or to ensure the mail will successfully be delivered on the next attempt.

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