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What Does “Package Research Case Closed” Mean? (USPS)

If you are expecting a delivery from USPS and have received a “Package Research Case Closed” tracking update, you might now be wondering when your mail will arrive.

If you are the recipient, you likely opened the original research case. As the sender, you will be hoping that the mail item has been found and that delivery is imminent.

Either way, let’s look at what the update means and if there is anything you need to do…

Summary: Package Research Case Closed

The “Package Research Case Closed” update means that USPS has looked into the whereabouts of a missing mail item and has reached a conclusion. Namely, it has been found or the loss has been confirmed. You should find out the outcome via an update following the alert.

Package Research Case Closed – Guide

Package Research Case Closed

Needless to say, this tracking update is what follows the “Package Research Case Created” alert. Normally, it is the recipient that opens a case of this nature.

When a mail item doesn’t arrive, the tracking doesn’t update and the recipient suspects it might be missing, they have the opportunity to open a package research case, (see full article here).

USPS will then begin looking into the potential location of the package and will aim to get it moving again toward the destination address.

Once USPS has concluded the case, (which can take anything between 5 and 10 days), they will notify both parties (recipient and sender) via a tracking update.

However, the “Package Research Case Closed” will be automatically triggered before the new update is sent out.

No Update After a “Package Research Case Closed” Alert

Package Research Case Closed

This scenario is probably why you have reached this article in the first place.

USPS has opened a research case on a missing package you have been expecting, you have received the new “Package Research Case Closed” alert but then received no new information.

In fact, another day or two has passed and there is still no sign of your mail item.

In most situations, the package is on its way to you when this happens. As mentioned above, the “Package Research Case Closed” update is triggered automatically once USPS has enough information about the whereabouts of the item for it to continue its journey.

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In other words, transit toward the destination address is again underway, however, no new scan has been created of the package to signify that it is moving.

It will either have to reach a facility or local post office or even receive an out-for-delivery scan before you are made aware of its location.

Long story short, the “Package Research Case Closed” update generally means that USPS has found your mail item and it is making its way to you via the normal delivery process.

It is of course late by now, so you may have means of compensation depending on the delivery service used.

Update Confirming That the Package is Lost

If after the “Package Research Case Closed” tracking alert you receive confirmation that USPS cannot locate your mail item, you will have grounds to begin a missing item claim.

The full process for this is beyond the scope of this article, however, you can find more about that here.

Tracking Stuck on “Package Research Case Closed”

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If you receive no follow-up alert after several business days, (enough time for the delivery to resume and be completed) you will have to contact USPS for more information.

There are several forum posts online from disgruntled USPS customers who have received this alert and then waited and waited for their package to arrive, yet to no avail.

USPS Customer Services can be contacted here. Explain that you opened a Research Case, that seemingly reached a conclusion and no further information has been received.

With any luck, the representative will be able to provide more details on the location of the item and whether it is lost.

If the latter proves true, you will need to begin a missing item claim for compensation.

Final Words

Essentially, the “Package Research Case Closed” tracking update means that USPS has concluded the missing item case that the recipient has opened.

In most cases, the package has been found and the item will be arriving at the destination address.

You should receive follow-up updates that confirm the whereabouts of the mail item and whether there is anything you need to do. 

If no information is forthcoming, you will need to contact USPS directly.

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