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Looking for the best package fowarding service?

In this review, we’ll go over the details of the USA2ME Mail Forwarding Platform and explain how it compares to others on the market.


USA2ME is one of the longest-running mailbox and package forwarding services in the U.S today. Founded in late 2004 in a small warehouse in Houston Texas, the company has served over 20,000 customers since inception and can boast the delivery of 2 million + packages.

In their own words, they state that “we are probably not the cheapest to forward your items, we are certainly the best in getting your items to you in the manner you expect.” With a BBB rating of “A” and winner of the BBB Gold Star Award every year since 2006, USA2ME is clearly doing something right.

However, how are their virtual mailbox services overall? Primarily used as a mail and package forwarding service does their online mail management interface hold up to the demands of expats, travelers, and business users? Today, we’ll explore its features and prices, customer reviews, and rate its specific services overall.

Our Approach:

For our USA2ME review, we have focused on four main questions:

  • Is USA2ME a good deal?
  • Who are their packages best suited for?
  • Are there better deals available?
  • Who uses USA2ME and how did they rate their experience?

USA2ME Summary

USA2ME has four plans that will cater to different needs in terms of mail and package forwarding volumes. If you are an infrequent user you can opt for the free monthly plan that gives you access to a U.S virtual address for whenever you need, (just don’t let the junk mail items add up in your account as you will be charged for storage and disposal).

The real benefit here is for regular online shoppers (based outside of the U.S) and expats, travelers that expect to ship items regularly to addresses abroad. If this is you, the higher-priced paid plans with their free shipping quotas included each month will be really useful.

However, should you not use the service enough, the monthly subscriptions of the Premium and Ultimate plans ($35 & $60 respectively), will soon feel expensive and hard to justify.

The four main plans are not really designed for business use as the mail scanning fees are a lot higher than other virtual mailbox services. The fact only one U.S virtual address is available will also put off business users and digital nomads.


  • Four available plans including a free monthly option
  • Top plans include free shipments up to $60 value a month
  • Easy to use (if a bit dated) mailbox management interface
  • Long storage times on the higher priced plans
  • Free package consolidation on all plans
  • Assisted shopping services for international shoppers


  • No dedicated phone apps
  • Only one U.S virtual address available (Houston, Texas)
  • Junk mail costs to be disposed of on free plan
  • Mail content scans are pricey on all plans at £3 per envelope (up to 6 pages)
  • No live chat facility for customer support

USA2ME Alternatives

Another good option for package forwarding is Shipito. If you are looking for a combination of good mailbox and package forwarding features, Traveling Mailbox is a recommended choice. US Global Mail is another option for small volume users looking for a bargain. Earth Class Mail is a better choice for businesses users.

USA2ME Ratings

Value – 4/5

USA2ME offers great value with a free monthly plan
If you are after a free monthly plan US-based virtual address USA2ME can deliver. After a one-time fee of $23, you can have access to the Houston-based address (similar to US Global Mail, the only virtual address available is that of the head office) and can use the online mail management tool to take care of your correspondence. This is a pay-as-you-use style plan. If you want scans and mail forwarding you pay for each as you request it. Standard, Premium, and Ultimate are $10, $35 & $60 dollars respectively, and offer perks such as lower signup fees and monthly free shipment quotas. On the negative side, each plan charges $3 per envelope contents (up to 6 pages) scanned. This is much higher than the competition.

Customer Service – 3.5/5

USA2ME does not have live chat support & is short-staffed due to Covid
USA2ME customer support is not as available as some of its competitors. The support staff is only accessible during office working hours (9 am – 5 pm CT) and is closed on weekends. Furthermore, as stated on their website they are currently operating at less than 50% capacity. This has led to delays in customer query response times.

Ease of Use – 4/5

No dedicated phone apps, the online interface is intuitive but feels dated
The web app works well enough and is easy to use, however it is on the dated side. This does not present too much of a problem in that it is at least intuitive. Everything you need is easy to access and you can manage your mail and parcels to good effect using your account dashboard. We really would like to see a dedicated phone app, however.

Included Features – 4/5

USA2ME has a lot of great features geared towards package forwarding
USA2ME has a lot of good features, however, these are more geared towards package forwarding than they are traditional virtual mailbox services. For instance, requesting a scan of an envelope’s contents can take up to 24hrs. This is much longer than dedicated mailbox providers. On the flip side, the higher cost plans offer free shipment of quotas each month, (in the case of the Premium Plan up to $60). The choice of one address will put off many users too. For an extra fee, you can also use the “Personal Shopper” service, which makes purchasing products from U.S online vendors easier, (more on that below).

USA2ME: Price Plans

USA2ME has four monthly plans to choose from with additional virtual office options too. These range from a zero monthly subscription fee for the basic, up to $60 for the Premium Plan. Virtual Office prices are based on a case-by-case basis.

usa2me price plans

Basic Plan: Free p/mo

The USA2ME Basic Plan has no monthly fee, however, you do not have any free shipments per month included, and any junk mail that arrives will cost you to have removed otherwise you might incur storage fees. Plan details include:

  • Free monthly subscription
  • Setup fee of $23
  • Access to the online mailbox
  • No free shipments per month
  • $3 envelope contents scanning fee (up to 6 pages)
  • 30 days of Free Physical Storage
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Who should purchase the USA2ME Basic Plan?

The Basic plan is designed for single expats, travelers, & Online Shoppers that want access to a free virtual address and mailbox and will only forward occasional packages. However, you should limit your mail sent to the service as even junk mail will incur storage charges if left to accumulate.

Standard Plan: $10 p/mo

The USA2ME Standard Plan follows a similar structure to the basic plan, but has a $10 a month subscription fee and will not charge to dispose of your junk mail. The setup fee is also cheaper at $15 and you get 15 extra days of free storage too. Plan details include:

  • $10 monthly subscription
  • Setup fee of $15
  • Access to the online mailbox
  • No free shipments per month
  • $3 envelope contents scanning fee (up to 6 pages)
  • 45 days of Free Physical Storage
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Who should purchase the USA2ME Standard Plan?

The Standard Plan is designed for travelers, expat families & Online Shoppers that want access to a US virtual address and will use it often enough to warrant the $10 a month fee.

Premium Plan: $35 p/mo

The USA2ME Premium Plan is again similar in structure to the previous plan. However, here a much larger $35 monthly subscription fee applies. The reason for this price is the free shipment of up to $30 in value. Plan details include:

  • $35 monthly subscription
  • Setup fee of $15
  • Access to the online mailbox
  • $35 free shipment value per month
  • $3 envelope contents scanning fee (up to 6 pages)
  • 60 days of Free Physical Storage
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Who should purchase the USA2ME Premium Plan?

The Premium Plan is designed for travelers, expat families & Online Shoppers that want access to a US virtual address and will need to forward mail and packages often enough to use the $35 free monthly shipment quota. If your usage is low, do not go for this plan.

Ultimate Plan: $65 p/mo

The USA2ME Ultimate Plan features similar benefits to the Premium Plan. Free shipment of up to $60 in value, is included with this plan, which explains the high price. You will also enjoy the lowest shipping costs if you go over your quota as well as 90 days of free storage. Plan details include:

  • $60 monthly subscription
  • Setup fee of $15
  • Access to the online mailbox
  • $60 free shipment value per month
  • $3 envelope contents scanning fee (up to 6 pages)
  • 90 days of Free Physical Storage
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Who should purchase the USA2ME Ultimate Plan?

The Ultimate Plan is designed for travelers, expat families & Online Shoppers that intend to forward large quantities of mail and packages from their virtual address. If you are not shipping near to the value of $60 per month, you will lose money on this plan.

Additional Services and Charges

USA2ME has various add-on services and charges that you need to be aware of. This is where the service can become more expensive than other package forward services. It is definitely more expensive than dedicated mailbox services that include monthly quotas on mail content scanning and shredding. Additional fees on all plans include:

  • Scanning Per Letter: $3.00 for 6 pages
  • Scanning Extra Page: $0.50
  • Fax Reception: $3.00
  • Shipment Insurance: $2.00 per each $ 100
  • Storage (after Free Period): $1.00 per lb/mo
  • Repacking Fee (Shared Option): 50% of Savings
  • Repacking Fee (Flat Fee Option): $5.00 per Box
  • Additional Recipient Names: $5.00 per month

Personal Shopper Services

In situations where international shoppers want to purchase products from U.S e-commerce stores, and the vendor has policies in place making it difficult (such as the U.S Apple store), USA2ME provides a personal shopper service to help circumvent any issues.

Essentially, rather than purchase the product from the online vendor direct, USA2ME does it for you. You pay for the item via your USA2ME account dashboard, and they arrange purchase and delivery for you. Administrative fees apply for this service, (the higher of $10 or 10% per order), however, it can be a good way of obtaining goods where vendor policies obstruct the process.

USA2ME Customers

USA2ME is used by expat families, travelers, and online shoppers that

  • Need a U.S based virtual address for online shopping purposes (International Shoppers)
  • Want free access to a U.S virtual address (Basic Plan), or
  • Intend to foward sufficient mail and package items to warrant high monthly subscriptions
  • Want low shipping costs while using high priced plans

Here are some verified reviews (from the Trust Pilot website) by people that use USA2ME for their mail and package forwarding needs:

I’ve been using for over a year. Everything works great. Good and fast customer service communication.

Everything is organized. Could get my letters images/scan really fast. Good pricing for shipping the letters with worldwide option.

I have been using USA2ME from last 4 years for my international shipments. My experience is 100% flawless and I am never disappointed from their qualified team members. I always get prompt reply of my emails/requests and economical shipping rates globally.”

“I’ve been using usa2me for several months and i have to say the have a Great service!!! with no hastle at all, they answer any question with a concrete answer in a short time. ALL my packages have been handled perfectly.”

It has not all been plain sailing, however; there are a small number of negative reviews to be found online.

“Very bad provider. After providing my notarized document, they didn’t approve my account. Not approved, but they charged my card for the second time without providing service.”

They charged me $33.85 to forward a letter (normal- business size letter) AFTER I told them not to send it. When I tried to cancel the service, they continued to attempt to charge my card.

It is good to see that USA2ME answers all negative comments with a combination of apologies and explanations.

Final Thoughts on USA2ME

Essentially, the USA2ME paid plans are a good choice for those looking for a U.S address for lots of online shopping while living abroad and also plan to forward packages outside of the U.S. The Premium and Ultimate plans provide low shipping fees are of great value if you can utilize the free quota each month ($30 and $60 respectively). If you do not, the cost of the subscriptions becomes harder to justify. Business users and ex-pats should steer clear of the service if they are looking for a virtual mailbox for normal mail items because the scanning costs are so high.

Frequently Asked Questions

USA2ME only offers one virtual address. What will this look like?

Your address with USA2ME will be the USA street address of the head office. (It is not a PO BOX.) The address will be as follows:

Your Name
10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. # (Your Account Number)
Houston, TX 77043, United States

Can I add more than one person to my mailbox address?

Yes. Any of the plans can have names added to the account. Each additional name costs $5 a month.

What countries do USA2ME ship to?

USA2ME can ship to almost any country in the world, (the exceptions are mainly due to troubled areas where local infrastructure makes delivery impossible).

How will USA2ME ship my packages? What couriers do they use?

USA2ME are authorized shippers for the major international carriers (UPS, DHL, FEDEX) as well as the United States Postal Services. When you choose for a mail item or package to be shipped you will be able to select which carrier from your dashboard.

What about Custom duties and taxes? Are these covered in the shipping fee?

No. USA2ME fees include all shipping charges to the country you are forwarding the package to. They do not calculate and include any duties or taxes associated with delivery. You will be responsible for reimbursing the courier for these.

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