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Tracking Guide: “Item Processed” Canada Post

You’re expecting a package through Canada Post and have received an “Item Processed” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is the parcel when you see this update and how long until delivery?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Item Processed Canada Post

The “Item Processed” alert from Canada Post simply means that the mail item has been sorted and scanned within a facility (i.e processed) and is ready for the next leg of its journey. This could be to another facility closer to the destination or the recipient’s address.

Item Processed Canada Post – Guide

Essentially, the “Item Processed” tracking update is a standard alert that signifies a mail item is ready to move on to its next destination. 

Because it is triggered after a package has been sorted inside a facility, it can actually occur several times throughout the transit journey.

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Example of the alert being triggered close to the origin-destination

The first time would be inside the facility closest to the origin (i.e near the sender).

The item is processed inside the facility and receives a scan to indicate that has taken place, with the next step being loaded onto the appropriate vehicle for dispatch.

After this, the item will be in transit

Whether you receive an update to state that the item is on a vehicle and on its way will vary. Canada Post tracking can be erratic in this regard.

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Example of the alert being triggered close to the destination address

All the same, unless the sender is in the same region as the recipient, it is unlikely that the mail item will go straight from the origin facility to a Post Office near the destination address.

The hub and spoke method of modern delivery networks means that it will pass through another facility closer to the recipient first.

Again, once the mail item is sorted and ready for dispatch, the “Item Processed” alert will be triggered.

Generally, the next destination will be the local post office to the recipient, with final delivery taking place after that.

How Long Until Delivery After A “Item Processed” Alert?

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You might now understand that determining how far your package is from delivery is actually dependent on where the “Item Processed” scan took place.

Clearly, if it was at the origin facility, (you will be able to tell as the update also contains details of the current destination), the shipment is still at the beginning of its journey. Delivery will still be several days away.

However, if the “Item Processed” alert has been triggered inside a facility close to the recipient’s destination, delivery can be expected within 24 to 48hrs.

Tracking Stuck on “Item Processed”

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You may have reached this article because your Canada Post tracking is stuck on “Item Processed”.

First, it is important to understand that the tracking will not always update to state the shipment is once again in transit.

In fact, it is not unusual for a package to be scanned with an “Item Processed” update in the origin facility and then receive no new further scans until it reaches a facility or post office close to the destination.

Depending on the distances traveled, this could amount to 5 or more business days.

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However, it can be frustrating if you have received an “Item Processed” alert triggered within a facility close to where you are as the recipient. 

Any delays after this are annoying as you know the item is close.

Again, it could be that you haven’t received the “out for delivery” update and you will be receiving your mail item imminently.

If this doesn’t happen, and the item is close by yet undelivered, you should contact Canada Post or your local post office directly within 2 or 3 days of receiving the “Item Processed” alert.

Final Words

Overall, the “Item Processed” alert is a standard alert triggered when a mail item has been sorted and scanned through a Canada Post facility.

It indicates that the item is moving as it should and is about to start the next leg of its journey.

If the facility is located close to the recipient’s address, the final delivery is just a day or two away.

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