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Electronic Information Submitted by Shipper – Canada Post

You’re expecting a package through Canada Post and have received an “Electronic Information Submitted by Shipper” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is the parcel when you see this update and what should you do if it ends up stuck?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Electronic Information Submitted by Shipper

The “Electronic Information Submitted by Shipper” tracking alert means that the sender has created a shipment order for the package with Canada Post. When the update is first triggered the mail item will still be with the shipper and has yet to enter the delivery network.

Electronic Information Submitted by Shipper – Guide

The is update is a standard alert used by Canada Post to signify that a shipment order has been made.

Essentially, the sender has created an order in regard to the package and a related tracking number now exists within the Canada Post database.

However, the physical package will still be with the sender at the point the alert is sent.

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It has yet to be dropped off at Canada Post (or picked up depending on the sender’s arrangements with the postal service) and has therefore not been physically scanned into the delivery network.

This should take place within a short period of time of the item being in the hands of Canada Post. 

Updates to look out for after this alert include, “Item Processed” and/or “Shipment Picked up by Canada Post”.

Tracking Stuck on “Electronic Information Submitted by Shipper”

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There is a very good chance you have reached this article because your tracking is stuck on the particular update.

There are a few reasons for this. 

Let’s first address the most common one. Simply put, Canada Post tracking can be a tad sporadic.

Even though the shipment is now inside the delivery network, (ie Canada Post has it), and it is receiving scans in order to correctly proceed through the logistics system, you might not be receiving the alerts.

Electronic Information Submitted by Shipper

Lots of customers have experienced this scenario.

The tracking is stuck on “Electronic Information Submitted by Shipper” and only when it reaches the latter stages of the shipment journey do they receive an update.

This tells them that the package is out for delivery, which means the Canada Post delivery person will literally be arriving at the recipient’s address that very day.

In other words, although the tracking is stuck, the package is moving exactly as it should and delivery will take place inside the normal window of time.

Other Reasons the Tracking is Stuck

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Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing if the package is progressing correctly if you are not seeing any new updates.

Reasons for the tracking being stuck that do involve problems include the following:

Canada Post Has Yet to Receive It

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In situations where the sender has failed to hand over the shipment to Canada Post, it clearly will not be scanned in order to receive a new update.

The item remains with the sender and has yet to enter the delivery network. 

If your tracking remains stuck past the proposed delivery dates, this should be your first port of call.

Contact the sender to ensure that the item was successfully handed over to Canada Post.

If the answer is yes, you should then contact the postal service for details of why the package is late.

Delays in the Delivery Network

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Another reason for no new updates is that the package is actually stuck inside the delivery network. 

Again, if the proposed delivery window has passed, and the sender has definitely handed over the item to Canada Post, the reason for the delay lies with the postal service.

You will need to contact Canada Post in order to find out what has happened.

Final Words

Overall, the “Electronic Information Submitted by Shipper” is a normal update triggered once a sender has created a shipment order for a package.

It can be hit and miss, unfortunately, on whether you will see new updates after receiving this initial one from Canada Post.

In cases where you don’t, and the scheduled delivery window has passed, you will need to contact the postal service to find out more.

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