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The Parcel Data Was Entered into the GLS IT System – Guide

You’re expecting a delivery via GLS and have received a “The Parcel Data Was Entered into the GLS IT System – The Parcel Was Not Yet Handed Over to GLS” status update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this alert and what should you do if the tracking is stuck?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: The Parcel Data Was Entered into the GLS IT System

This update simply means that the sender has created an order with GLS and that the parcel data has been entered into the GLS delivery network database. However, at this stage, the sender still has the item, as “The Parcel Was Not Yet Handed Over to GLS” implies. 

The Parcel Data Was Entered into the GLS IT System – Guide

IT Data System

Once you break it down, this status alert from GLS is self-explanatory.

It possibly has the highest word count of any tracking update that I have come across, but at least it makes sense.

Essentially, when the sender first makes a shipment order with GLS the details of the order will go into the IT system (i.e delivery network database).

This allows the sender to print the applicable shipping label for the package and for a GLS tracking number to be assigned to it.

“The Parcel Data Was Entered into the GLS IT System – The Parcel Was Not Yet Handed Over to GLS”, is triggered at the point the order information goes into the database.

This process is all automatic and happens at the same time the sender creates the shipment order and pays for the package to be sent.

What Happens Next?

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After making the order, the sender will prepare the item to be sent and attach the shipping label.

Then, in accordance with the details of the order, they will either wait for GLS to pick up the item at the prearranged time, or deliver the package to a GLS customer parcel drop-off location, (store or drop-box).

Once GLS has the item, it will be scanned into the delivery network.

This is the first physical scan of the parcel undertaken by GLS and will trigger the “The parcel was handed over to GLS” status alert.

Tracking Stuck on The Parcel Data Was Entered into the GLS IT System

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Let’s face it, you have probably reached this article because your tracking is stuck right out of the gates.

That’s clearly frustrating… so what should you do?

Firstly, it is a good idea to get to the bottom of why your GLS tracking isn’t updating. 

There are two main reasons:

Sender Hasn’t Handed the Parcel to GLS

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The first reason the tracking might be stuck is that the sender has yet to hand the package over to GLS. 

If it is still sitting inside the sender’s home or business, or on a shelf in a seller’s warehouse, it cannot receive its first physical scan from GLS.

Therefore, the tracking will remain stuck.

As the recipient, the first thing you should do is contact the sender to confirm whether the handover has taken place. 

If not, you have the reason for your issue. If yes, then the problem lies with GLS.

If you are the sender and you know that you have successfully handed the item to GLS, the problem must lie there too.

GLS Hasn’t Performed the First Scan

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If for whatever reason, GLS is delayed in performing the first physical scan of the package, your tracking will not update.

There are a number of reasons this scan might have not taken place.

The GLS driver might not have scanned the item on pick-up, for example. Or upon arrival at the parcel center, the package is stuck behind a long line of parcels waiting to be scanned.

All it takes is high package volumes, equipment malfunction, staffing issues, or maybe even the truck breaking down on the way to the facility.

If there is an issue that can impact the progress of the package through the delivery network, that first scan will be delayed and your tracking will not update.

So What Should You Do?

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I recommend that if after 3 days of receiving the “The Parcel Data Was Entered into the GLS IT System” alert you see no new updates that you first contact the sender.

If after confirming that GLS has the item, you should potentially wait for enough 24 to 48hrs for the package to be scanned in.

After this period there are still no new updates, you or the sender should contact GLS to find out what the hold-up is.

Essentially, your package is at the very beginning of the shipment process at this stage.

The quicker it is moving again, the more likely your package will arrive on time.

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