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SpeedPAK “Destination DC Arrival” – What Does it Mean?

You’ve ordered an item on eBay from China and received a SpeedPAK “Destination DC Arrival” status update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this update and what do you do if it gets stuck?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: SpeedPAK “Destination DC Arrival”

The “Destination DC Arrival” status alert means that your package is on its way to a DC (distribution center) in the destination country of the recipient. In other words, it will soon be with the postal service or carrier responsible for final delivery.

SpeedPAK “Destination DC Arrival” – Guide

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We have already covered the SpeedPAK “Arrived at Destination Hub” here.

This update is triggered when the package has finally landed in the destination country and is subject to customs clearance before being handed over to the carrier responsible for last-mile delivery.

However, in some cases, the last step does not happen immediately.

Essentially, if the package is not handed over to the local carrier at the destination hub, it will undergo a further span of transit toward a distribution center for that purpose.

When this is the case, the “SpeedPAK “Destination DC Arrival” update is sent.

So Where is My Package After the Update?

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Your package is simply on its way to a warehouse where it will be held until the carrier responsible for final delivery will take care of it.

In the USA, this will be USPS, in the U.K. the Royal Mail and so on… the local postal service to the country in question is normally the one to carry out last-mile delivery.

However, in some countries, smaller, third-party carriers are also contracted to do this.

Tracking Stuck on “Destination DC Arrival”

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The problem stems from the fact that hold-ups commonly occur at this stage of the SpeedPAK shipment process.

In fact, there is a very real possibility you have reached this article because you are currently experiencing this.

A brutal truth is, a SpeedPAK shipment is a very low priority for the service that has been charged with completing delivery.

The Coronavirus and more recently the Christmas period has put a lot of strain on the infrastructure of postal services around the world.

These services understandably have to prioritize their direct customers and other premium paid shipments.

This means that a SpeedPAK package can sit inside the “Destination DC” for weeks before it is finally picked up and goes out for delivery.

During this entire time, your tracking will be stuck on SpeedPAK “Destination DC Arrival”.

What Should I do if Tracking Stuck?

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Patience, unfortunately, is key. 

The reason the postage on this shipment from China was low in price, is that it is a low priority.

eBay does cite better handling and delivery times when using SpeedPAK, but I would disagree with this, (and the evidence through the complaints online does point otherwise).

However, if a substantial amount of time passes, (multiple days to weeks) I recommend that you call the customer services number of the postal service/carrier that has the item and make inquiries there.

eBay can also be contacted in the event of non-delivery as you will be covered through the platform.

The SpeedPAK delivery service has been developed in conjunction with eBay after all.

Other Practical Steps


I always like to encourage those that are missing a shipment to use a free service such as 17Track or Parcelsapp to see if further information about the shipment can be found.

However, very often in the case of a stuck SpeedPAK “Destination DC Arrival” update, the above applies.

The postal service has yet to get around to delivering your low-priority package.

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