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Shipment Transiting to Next Station – SF Express

You’re expecting a delivery from SF Express and have received a “Shipment Transiting to Next Station” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this alert and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Shipment Transiting to Next Station

This tracking update from SF Express simply means that the package is currently in transit to the next facility in the delivery network. This could be a sorting facility or export location in the origin country, it could also be a stopover at an intermediate transit country. As a result, this alert can be triggered multiple times during the shipment journey.   

Shipment Transiting to Next Station – Guide

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The “Shipment Transiting to Next Station” tracking alert is a standard update that means your package is moving between points in the delivery network.

Essentially, it is a variation of the “In Transit” update that the majority of carriers use. SF Express just happen to word it in this way. 🙂

That being said, the only real way of ascertaining where your package happens to be at this point is to look at the update that preceded this one.

Taking the screenshot below as an example.

Shipment Transiting to Next Station

The package has left a facility in Hangzhou and is now in transit to the next station. 

So, here you know that the item is still in the origin country (i.e China), and with any luck, the next station will be the export location.

In other words, the package is still early in the shipment journey as overseas transit has yet to take place.

Tracking Repeatedly Stating “Shipment Transiting to Next Station”

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In some situations, it can seem as if your package is passing through multiple “stations” and this alert is being triggered on an almost daily basis.

Just take a look at the screenshot below.

Shipment Transiting to Next Station 2

This poor SF Express package has triggered the “Shipment Transiting to Next Station” update 6 times before even leaving the country of origin.

This is the reality of low-budget shipments out of China, unfortunately.

The logistics are inefficient and they will take time.

Although this example is uncommonly convoluted, it is good to realize that it is possible.

Tracking Stuck on “Shipment Transiting to Next Station”

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Another situation that may arise is that your tracking will end up stuck on this update for several days).

Again, it is not uncommon for SF Express shipments to experience “radio silence” in terms of tracking updates as they make their way to Europe or the USA.

If this happens to you, I recommend that you make yourself aware of the estimated delivery time and/or the buyer’s gurantee period offered by the seller.

You can choose to make inquiries earlier in the shipment process if your tracking is stuck, however, in most cases you will be told to wait longer.

Veteran online shoppers of items from China generally know that they take time and that it is only worth the hassle of raising disputes with the carrier or seller when the estimated delivery window is drawing to a close.

Final Words

logistics vehicle in transit

Overall, the “Shipment Transiting to Next Station” update means that your package is moving.

It is currently in transit to the next step in the delivery network.

However, it is still inside the origin country at this stage, so there is a long way to go.

Your best option is to ignore your tracking for now and wait for later in the shipment journey before being concerned about any lack of activity.

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