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Semi-Tracked Mix Bag Arrived in NL – Meaning

You’re waiting on a delivery from PostNL and you have received a “Semi-Tracked Mix Bag Arrived in NL” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Has your package reached the Netherlands or is it still in transit? What do you do if your tracking is stuck on this alert?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Semi-Tracked Mix Bag Arrived in NL

This update means that a package, part of a group of assorted parcels, has reached a sorting or distribution center in the Netherlands (NL). Semi-tracked means that the item has only been tracked at key stages along the shipment journey.

Guide: Semi-Tracked Mix Bag Arrived in NL

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In order to fully understand this tracking alert from PostNL, it is a good idea to break down the key terms used within the update:

1. Semi-Tracked

Unlike fully tracked packages, semi-tracked parcels are those where certain stages of the shipping process are monitored and updated in the tracking system.

This often includes major milestones such as departure from the origin country, arrival at international sorting centers, and delivery to the destination country.

2. Mix Bag

A “Mix Bag” refers to a collection of various packages and parcels bundled together for shipping. Carriers do this for speed and efficiency.

These packages might have different sizes, weights, and destinations, but they are grouped to streamline the transportation process.

3. Arrived in NL

“NL” refers to the Netherlands. This means that the package has reached a sorting or distribution center within the country.

This is a crucial step in the journey, as it signals that the package is now within the borders of the destination country and is clearly closer to the final delivery location.

Where is the Package When the Alert is Sent?

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Okay, so where is the Package when the alert is sent?

We’ve established that it is inside the Netherlands. But has customs processing been completed at this stage?

The answer is no…

The package will have arrived in NL and the next step is customs processing.

Only after this will the sorting process take place with the packages being distributed according to their destinations and delivery routes.

Once the sorting is complete, the individual packages will be dispatched to their respective local distribution centers for the final mile delivery.

My Tracking is Stuck… What Now?

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The chances are you have reached this page because your tracking is stuck on the “Semi-Tracked Mix Bag Arrived in NL” alert.

This will obviously be causing you frustration.

If you receive no further updates for an extended period of time, these are the steps you should consider taking:

1. Wait a Reasonable Amount of Time

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International shipping can sometimes experience delays due to various factors such as customs processing, transportation issues, or high shipping volumes.

It’s possible that the tracking information might update after a while.

Give it a reasonable amount of time before taking further action.

2. Contact PostNL

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If you’re concerned about the lack of updates, you should contact PostNL customer services..

Provide them with your tracking number and inquire about the status of your package.

They might have additional information about the current whereabouts of your shipment or any potential issues causing the delay.

3. Check Customs Information

Because customs processing is the next step after the update, it is most likely that a delay has been caused there.

Check with the carrier or the Dutch customs authorities to see if there are any issues or requirements related to your package.

4. Verify Address and Contact Details


Check your tracking details and/or information with the sender to ensure that the shipping address and contact details are accurate and up to date.

Sometimes, delays can occur if there are address-related issues that need to be resolved before delivery.

5. Contact the Sender

If you didn’t need to contact for the above step, (i.e the address details are correct); it is still worthwhile reaching out just to inform them of the delay.

The sender might be able to contact the carrier on your behalf and inquire about the status of the shipment.

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