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What does “Outbound Failure in Sorting Center” Mean? (AliExpress)

You’ve ordered an item from AliExpress and you’ve received an “Outbound failure in sorting center” tracking update. 

What does this mean exactly? The word “failure” is bad, right? Will the package ever arrive?

Let’s take a look…

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Outbound Failure in Sorting Center – Meaning

The “Outbound failure in sorting center” update means that your package is being sorted in the processing center of the shipping company in China, and is currently held there. It has not been successfully processed for outbound dispatch.

Should I Panic When I Receive an “Outbound Failure in Sorting Center” Update?

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The answer is no. There is no need to be concerned.

Very often this update occurs simply because the package has not been despatched to the relevant port for customs clearance.

Importantly, you are not receiving this update because there is a problem with the package.

You are receiving the update due to a logistical hold-up in getting the package to the port for international transit.

In other words, the carrier will simply make another attempt at dispatching the package. The situation should resolve itself without you having to take any action.

But my Package is Stuck on “Outbound Failure in Sorting Center” Will it be Delivered?

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To add unnecessary complications (and therefore buyer stress) to the situation, AliExpress tracking updates within China are notoriously unreliable.

A reason your package could be stuck on the “Outbound failure in sorting center” is that it wasn’t scanned after successful dispatch to customs.

It could well be on the way without the tracking being updated

Even where you might see a “package failed to depart from the warehouse of the country of origin” update in the “show updated information” in the AliExpress tracking, your item can still be delivered.

In short, it can be difficult to accurately track your package at the beginning of its journey.

Follow the Advice of Seasoned AliExpress Buyers

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Those that buy from AliExpress often usually have this to say: “Wait 1 Month, tracking statuses mean nothing”. (AliExpress Subreddit).

The advice is sound. It basically means that you shouldn’t get caught up and worried about AliExpress tracking updates in the first few weeks of the package shipment process.

The fact is, shipments take time, (even more so during the current Coronavirus lockdown in Shanghai).

It can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months for an AliExpress package to arrive, (speed is dependent on your location, the shipping method used, and all sorts of other factors).

As another Redditor has aptly put it: “Relax and forget a bit about your order”.

When to Take Action on an “Outbound Failure in Sorting Center” Update?

Outbound Failure in Sorting Center

So you have taken our advice (and that of seasoned AliExpress buyers) and waited a few weeks after receiving this update.

However, there’s still no package and you’ve had no new updates.

Your guideline here should be your 60-day buyer protection period. Essentially, you should start making inquiries with the seller before this period is up.

It is now that you can ask them to look into the shipment and begin (if necessary) the process of a potential refund, or a replacement shipment.

You may also want to contact AliExpress direct at this stage.

Final Words

Very often an “Outbound failure in sorting center” update is nothing to worry about. The situation will resolve itself without action from you.

The carrier will make a second attempt at dispatch and your package will be on its way. Do not be surprised if you do not receive updates to clarify this, however.

Only after waiting several weeks, (and before your buyer protection period runs out) should you start making inquiries with the seller and/or open a dispute.

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