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Is Cainaio Tracking Fake? [AliExpress Orders]

You’ve just received a tracking update from your latest AliExpress order and seen that Cainaio is responsible for the shipment.

However, the order doesn’t seem to be moving and you’re wondering if Cainiao tracking is actually fake.

The carrier hasn’t got the best reputation online after all.

Are your fears reasonable? Let’s take a look…

Cainiao Tracking – Is it Fake?

Cainiao tracking

It is important to understand that Cainiao is not just a random carrier; it is the official logistics arm of AliExpress, operating under the umbrella of Alibaba Group.

Serving as a pivotal link, Cainiao connects AliExpress sellers with a network of shipping partners and carriers to facilitate global order fulfillment.

Many sellers on AliExpress depend on Cainiao for tracking updates and estimated delivery times, especially when opting for free shipping alternatives like AliExpress Standard Shipping.

So, Why Does Cainaio Tracking Raise Doubts?

frustrated girl on phone

The skepticism surrounding Cainiao tracking often stems from the scarcity of updates, leaving customers to question whether their package was genuinely shipped.

Complaints about incorrect tracking numbers or fabricated tracking information further fuel suspicions.

However, these complaints come from customer frustration with the carrier rather than being steeped in truth, (the carrier is not creating fake tracking numbers or updates in order to cover the slow delivery times – that would be counterproductive).

Essentially, Cainiao employs sophisticated technology to collaborate with its range of 3rd party shipping carriers.

The limited updates do not necessarily indicate a failure in shipment or logistics.

How Does Cainiao Tracking Operate?

logistics network

Operating through a comprehensive logistics platform, Cainiao serves as the intermediary between AliExpress sellers and delivery partners.

While it furnishes tracking numbers and basic event updates, the tracking process lacks the granularity seen with premium carriers like FedEx.

Instead, the visible updates are likely derived from the courier chosen by Cainiao for the specific shipment, with significant events recorded when departing China’s export facility and during the final leg of delivery.

How Long Does Cainiao Shipping Take?


Cainiao shipping times weave a narrative influenced by variables such as the destination country, carrier, and chosen shipping method.

For AliExpress Standard Shipping, the journey typically spans 15-25 days through Cainiao, with more remote destinations experiencing extended delivery times of over 35 days.

Opting for expedited Cainiao options can compress this timeframe to an average of 10-20 days.

Should You Worry if Tracking Goes Silent?

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The absence of tracking updates, particularly after departing China is a pain in the proverbial butt.

As mentioned, this is a big reason behind the complaints you find online, and does instill anxiety among customers.

However, nuances in some countries’ postal services mean that parcels may not be scanned upon arrival, leading to delayed updates.

As long as your order aligns with the estimated 25-day delivery window, there’s generally no need for alarm.

In cases of prolonged delays, communication with the AliExpress seller is recommended before initiating any dispute.

Should you wish to contact Cainaio, you can do so here.

Claiming Reimbursement for Lost Cainiao Packages

lost package

If the Cainiao tracking exhibits no updates within 60 days, the assumption that the AliExpress order may be lost becomes reasonable.

Securing a refund involves initiating a dispute and providing the Cainiao tracking number as evidence of the lack of delivery updates.

A cautionary note emphasizes verifying that your package hasn’t been delivered without a corresponding update, as domestic postal services might not consistently scan parcels upon arrival.

Key Insights on Cainiao Tracking and AliExpress Shipping

To better understand Cainiao and AliExpress shipping, I recommend that you take heed of the following:

  1. Cainiao’s Role as the Official Logistics Company: Sellers rely on Cainiao for essential tracking and estimated delivery times.
  2. Normalcy in Limited Tracking Updates: Cainiao’s collaboration with various postal services results in fewer updates compared to premium carriers, but this doesn’t imply non-shipment.
  3. AliExpress Standard Shipping Timeframe: Expect an average delivery period of 15-25 days to major countries, with faster options available.
  4. Refund Protocol for Stagnant Cainiao Tracking: A refund can be pursued by initiating a dispute if there are no updates within 60 days, backed by evidence of non-updating Cainiao tracking.

And there you have it, while Cainiao tracking might not boast the comprehensive updates associated with premium carriers, it remains a cost-effective avenue for Chinese sellers to reach a global audience.

Practicing patience and allowing the order time to align with the estimated delivery window ensures a more informed and less stressful experience for AliExpress shoppers.

At the end of the day, AliExpress deliveries take time if you opt for the economy shipment options, (which is where Cainaio is mostly involved).

So be prepared for that…

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