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How to Send Money using FedEx

How do you send money using Fedex? The short answer is that you can’t. FedEx states that you cannot send coins, cash, and any currency paper money via FedEx.

The same goes for all carriers in fact. All carriers use the term monetary units and they prohibit the delivery of them. This also includes endorsed stocks, bonds, cash letters, collectible coins, and stamps.

Essentially, even though you could try to ship cash with FedEx if it went missing it is gone. You have no means for compensation.

This is due to the explicit carrier terms that prohibit the shipment of cash and the listed examples of negotiable instruments.

Sending Money Using FedEx: The Risks


If you decide that you wish to ship cash with FedEx and risk the money going missing or being barred by the carrier, there are other concerns too.

Trusting the recipient

Consider the fact that you cannot obtain any proof from the recipient that the cash arrived. It is impossible to create a sign for signature release upon delivery as to the contents being money.

Sure, you can get proof that an envelope or parcel arrives, however the recipient could always state that nothing was inside.

This makes it very risky to ship currency for the purchase of goods for instance. You will really need to trust the recipient.

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NOTE: We are not endorsing that you send money based on trust. FedEx has no cash shipment rule for good reason.

Police Seizure

The police can seize cash sent via shipping carriers via a legal process known as civil asset forfeiture.

Although instances are rare, and your package would have to be flagged by the police in the first place, it is possible.

General risk of theft

Clearly, the biggest risk when shipping cash via FedEx is the risk of the money being stolen.

With no means to trace it and the fact that money should not be shipped in the first place, it could be stolen at any stage of the journey.

Furthermore, the thief would know that the shipper would have no means to get it back or know who did it.

It is a very low-risk crime, meaning that if money is discovered in the package the chances of it reaching the recipient are slim.

Alternative Ways to Send Money

sending money the right way

When you factor in there are so many ways of sending money in 2022, shipping cash via FedEx is plain stupid. Here are some example ways of sending money safely.

Send money electronically

Clearly, sending money electronically is the safest way. Bank to bank, and/or financial apps such Paypal, Zelle, Wise, and Payoneer, (there are countless more) make it very easy to transfer money to a recipient.

Exploring these services is beyond the scope of this article. The important point is, alternatives to shipping cash via FedEx do exist.

However, if you really do wish to send via the carrier there are two main options. 

Sending a personal check

For smaller sums, you can send a personal check through FedEx. There is one important point, however:


Sending a check with a blank payee line is as risky as sending cash, (assuming you have signed the check). Anyone would be able to take the check and cash it for themselves. 

It is also unwise to send a written check with a blank payment section. The recipient could add an amount of their choosing.

Obtain Cashier’s Check

For larger sums of money, you can obtain a cashier’s check from an authorized provider. This will have to include the name of the recipient and the amount of course.

You will receive a carbon copy of the check, while the original is being shipped to the recipient via FedEx.

No one but the person named on the check will be able to cash it in.

How to Send Money Overseas using FedEx

fedex shipping overseas

If you are looking to send money overseas using FedEx, the same issues apply.

Firstly, FedEx strictly prohibits the international shipment of cash and other negotiable instruments.

Secondly, there is even more chance of the money going missing because of the increased steps involved with an international shipment.

The same electronic means of sending money listed above, will all work for overseas transfers too.

That is the beauty of the modern internet.

However, if you do want to send a check abroad via FedEx, it is possible. 

A valid cashier’s check that will work with an overseas agent, (you will need to check with whatever service you use), can be shipped to a recipient in a foreign country in the same way you would ship any other package.

Final Words

The big takeaway here about shipping tangible money and negotiable instruments with FedEx is that you shouldn’t. There is a high probability you will lose it.

Checks and cashiers checks are secure, as long as you follow the procedures listed above.

Finally, if you can, there are modern electronic approaches to sending money to a recipient. FedEx is not the way.

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