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FedEx Delivery Option Requested – What Does it Mean?

You’re expecting a package delivery from FedEx and you have received a “Delivery Option requested” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly and when can you expect your delivery?

Let’s take a look…

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FedEx Delivery Option Requested – Meaning

The “Delivery Option Requested” tracking update from FedEx occurs when either the receiver or shipper makes changes to the delivery instructions of the package. This can include the delivery date, arranging a package hold and pickup, or redirection.

What to do When you Receive a FedEx “Delivery Option Requested” Update?

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If you are the recipient and you have made changes to the delivery instructions yourself, there is nothing you need to do.

This update is just confirming that changes have been made. Your tracking and shipment information should now show these details.

For example, if you decided to select a delivery option of a Walgreens Pickup, your details will contain this information along with the scheduled arrival date.

Essentially, the shipment will now be completed using your updated delivery options.

Situations that trigger a FedEx “Delivery Option Requested” tracking update

Delivery Option Requested

As briefly mentioned above, the reason you are seeing this update is due to changes being made to the delivery instructions. This can include:

  • Arranging to pick up the package from a FedEx pickup location (Walgreens etc)
  • Requesting that package be held at a FedEx office for pickup
  • Changes to the delivery instructions in terms of where at the address the driver should leave the package
  • Redirecting the package to another address (conditions apply)
  • Updating incorrect address details
  • Changes to the delivery date
  • Shipment canceled by the sender

Note: The best way to make most of these changes to your delivery instructions is via the FedEx Delivery Manager.

But I Didn’t Make Any Changes to my Delivery Options!

FedEx Delivery Option Requested

If you are seeing the FedEx “Delivery Option Requested” tracking update and you made no changes to your order (and you are the recipient), the most likely reason for the change is that the shipper has made some alterations.

The shipper can manage various aspects of the shipment with FedEx, including holding delivery until a certain date and other variables. They can also cancel the shipment altogether.

If your tracking information does not show any major changes to the delivery instructions, you have two choices depending on your level of concern:

  • Contact the shipper regarding the delivery option requested
  • Accept the delivery instructions as they stand

In most cases, the changes made to the delivery instructions by a shipper will have a minimum impact on the overall delivery. You will still receive your package.

Again, if in doubt, contact the shipper or FedEx regarding the tracking update.

FedEx “Delivery Option Requested by Receiver”

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There is also a standalone FedEx “Delivery Option Requested by Receiver” tracking update.

This is simply a more specific version of the “delivery option requested” update that is communicating that changes were made by the receiver.

Again, the same conditions apply along with the fact this is a confirmation update more than anything.

In other words, there is little action you need to take when you receive it.

How long for a “Delivery Option Request” to be Accepted?

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In most cases, changes to delivery instructions will be made immediately and will show on the tracking page of the shipment.

The situation in the screenshot above is connected to a delivery option request where the recipient has made arrangements to pick the package up.

The tracking details show the change to the delivery option, however, the package is not yet ready. In other words, it hasn’t reached the pickup location

In some situations, such as placing a hold for pickup or redirecting a package, the delivery option will not be accepted.

This is because you can only make these changes if the item is not “out for delivery“.

We have talked about this in greater detail here.

Final Words

The FedEx “Delivery Option Requested” tracking updates are simply informing you that changes have been made to the delivery instructions. 

If you made those changes, no need to worry, sit back and wait for the package to arrive under the altered conditions.

If you didn’t make the changes and are concerned, a simple phone call or email to FedEx or the shipper/recipient should help provide clarification.

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