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The Instruction Data for this Shipment Have Been Provided by the Sender to DHL Electronically

You’re expecting a delivery from DHL and you have received an alert stating: “The Instruction Data for this Shipment Have Been Provided by the Sender to DHL Electronically”.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this update and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: The Instruction Data for this Shipment Have Been Provided by the Sender to DHL Electronically

This status alert from DHL means that the carrier has received all the information about the shipment from the sender via electronic means (normally an online order), and a tracking number has been assigned. However, the physical package has yet to enter the DHL delivery infrastructure. It is still with the sender.

DHL Tracking Guide

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This is is relatively self-explanatory tracking update from DHL.

In situations where the sender orders a shipment from DHL online, they can enter all the details of the package and also print out a shipping label.

At this point, DHL has received all the shipment information electronically and has assigned a tracking number to the package.

However, it is important to understand that the physical parcel is still in the hands of the sender at the time the alert is sent.


Normally, the sender will have to drop the package off at a DHL center or drop-off/collection point or arrange for DHL to pick it up.

Only then, will DHL be able to take the first physical scan of the item.

From here it will be classed as being within the delivery infrastructure and will receive updated scans and updated accordingly.

If the item is not scanned on pickup (which does sometimes happen), it will receive its first scan once it arrives at a DHL parcel facility.

DHL Package Stuck on This Update

The Instruction Data for this Shipment Have Been Provided by the Sender to DHL Electronically

There are two ways parties can end up frustrated if the tracking ends up stuck on this update.

This is because both the sender and the recipient have reason to be annoyed.

For the sender, it is the case of knowing that the package has been handed over to DHL, yet no evidence scan has been created.

For the recipient, it is the uncertainty of whether the sender has actually posted the shipment or not.

Either way, it is not uncommon for DHL tracking to be stuck on “The Instruction Data for this Shipment Have Been Provided by the Sender to DHL Electronically”.

This is because there are a number of ways your package progress can be delayed and therefore not receive an updated scan.

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Reasons the Package Hasn’t Received its First Physical Scan From DHL

  • High mail volumes due to a seasonal backlog, short staffing, or technical issues can lead to a package not being scanned in the DHL facility upon arrival. 
  • Mistakes such as a mis-scan or the package being placed into the wrong pile will delay a new update.
  • Scenarios where a package is handed over to a DHL driver that failed to scan the item.
  • Problems with the package or box, (in terms of damaged label or not following best practices) can lead to the item being shipped without being scanned for tracking.
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Pro Tip: Ensure the package is scanned when it enters the DHL delivery network

If you are the sender and you are dropping the package off at a DHL center or with a driver, you can insist on receiving a shipping receipt. This will automatically cause the package to be physically scanned and therefore entered into the DHL system properly.

What to do if the Package is Stuck on This Update

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As mentioned, the package being stuck on this status alert is frustrating for both the sender and the recipient.

If you are the recipient you will naturally want to confirm with the sender that the package has in fact been handed over to  DHL. 

All the same, I would recommend waiting for at least 5 business days before making inquiries, (unless you have specifically ordered expedited delivery).

This not only allows time for the sender to get the package into the DHL delivery infrastructure, but it also gives DHL adequate time to initiate the first physical scan.

If it turns out the package has gone AWOL after being handed to DHL the shipper will be able to make inquiries as to the delay.

The carrier is often more receptive to the person or enterprise that made the delivery order.

Contacting DHL

Whether you are the recipient or the shipper, making contact with DHL if the tracking doesn’t update is easy.

Head here for full details of your options as a customer in the USA.

Similar Updates to This One

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DHL has another update that communicates the fact the shipping information has been sent to the carrier.

We did a profile on that one here.

As far as other carriers go, USPS has its own version of this, “Pre-shipment info sent to USPS”, as do many other carriers (“Notification of Shipment Confirmation”).

If you receive wording in status to this effect, you will know that your package information has been sent to the carrier, but the physical item still remains with the sender.

Final Words

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Essentially, this is a standard update that is triggered at the very beginning of the shipment journey.

It signifies that DHL has received all the shipment information from the sender electronically.

Before long the physical item will be entering the carrier delivery infrastructure.

However, if no new updates are sent (in the region of 5 business days), either the sender or recipient should begin to make inquiries with DHL.

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