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What Does “Departed Terminal Location” Mean?

You’re expecting a delivery from DHL and you have received a “Departed Terminal Location” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? How long is the package away from delivery and what do you do if your item is stuck on this update?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: What Does “Departed Terminal Location” Mean?

The “Departed Terminal Location” DHL tracking update means that the consignment (i.e. the package) has departed the DHL Facility (the Terminal) of the city/town nearest to the Consignee (the recipient). The next step will be out for delivery or arrival at an arranged pick-up point / DHL Parcel Center.

Guide: What Does “Departed Terminal Location” Mean?

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This update means that the package has departed at the sorting facility closest to the address of the recipient. This is the terminal location.

The package is now on a truck and will be stated as out for delivery or will soon arrive at a pre-arranged DHL parcel center or pick-up point.

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However, to add slight confusion to the matter, this update can also be triggered on international shipments when they arrive in the destination country.

The import sorting facility in this scenario is classed as the terminal location, and you may see this update once the package departs this facility.

Under these circumstances, you will see the “Departed Terminal Location” update more than once.

Where is My Package After a “Departed Terminal Location” Alert?

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If this is the first time you are seeing this update on an international shipment, the package has left the import location (i.e. the terminal location) of the destination country and is now on a truck toward the next step in the delivery network.

On a domestic shipment, the package will be on the back of a truck and in transit toward the recipient’s address or a parcel shop / DHL Pick-Up Point.

Tracking is stuck on “Departed Terminal Location”

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In either of the above scenarios where the alert is triggered, you should see a new update within 24/48hrs.

In the case of imminent delivery, you should see an “Out For Delivery” update within this time.

If the package is on its way to another facility closer to the recipient’s address, a similar timeline applies. 

Within 24/48hrs the item will arrive at the facility (maybe even triggering another “Arrived Terminal Location” update), and you know that the shipment is progressing as it should.

Departed Terminal Location

However, if more than this time passes with no new update, the shipment is likely experiencing a delay.

Depending on the service speed used, I would use this 48hr timeline as a guide for when you should get in touch with DHL customer services.

I would definitely recommend that you contact DHL if you hear nothing of the shipment for longer than 3 days.

Final Words

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Although the “Departed Terminal Location” alert can be triggered multiple times in a shipment journey, it is still a positive update to receive.

It means that the parcel is progressing through the delivery network and is currently in transit to the next step in the chain.

Keep an eye on your tracking as in some cases delivery will be very soon.

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