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SpeedPAK “Arrived at Destination Hub” – Meaning

You’ve ordered an item on eBay and the seller is using SpeedPAK for delivery.

You then check out your tracking and see that you have received a SpeedPAK “Arrived at Destination Hub” status update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this update and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: SpeedPAK “Arrived at Destination Hub”

When you receive an “Arrived at Destination Hub” alert from SpeedPAK it means that the shipment has arrived inside the destination country. The next step is custom clearance before the item is handed to the carrier responsible for delivery to the recipient.

SpeedPAK “Arrived at Destination Hub” – Guide

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SpeedPAK is a shipping service developed by eBay and its business strategic partner, Orange Connex, that is used for cross-border deliveries originating from China.

This obviously means that it is an international carrier service.

When the SpeedPAK “Arrived at Destination Hub” alert is triggered, it means that the shipment has arrived in the destination country of the recipient.

However, the destination hub in question is a facility that will also see the package go through customs clearance before it is handed over to the carrier that is responsible for local delivery.

So, Who Delivers SpeedPAK Packages?


The carrier that will undertake the final delivery of a SpeedPAK shipment varies depending on the country as well as the location within that country.

For example, in the USA it is USPS that will complete the delivery of SpeedPAK shipments. In the U.K. Royal Mail is used.

In other countries, where the postal service is not used for last-mile delivery, a small third-party carrier local to the destination may be responsible.

Major carriers such as UPS, FedEX, and DHL are not used by SpeedPAK as this negates the cost-saving advantage of the service.

SpeedPAK Tracking Stuck on “Arrived at Destination Hub”

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There is a very good chance you have reached this article because your tracking is now stuck on this alert.

Firstly, it is important to remember that SpeedPAK is an economy service used by eBay in order to make cross-border deliveries originating from China more cost-effective.

This can translate to slower delivery times, (although eBay likes to cite that the service offers fast handling and delivery times, a lot of customers would dispute that).

ISC New York NY (USPS)
ISC New York NY can be considered a Destination Hub

Furthermore, the destination hub is where clearance takes place, it is also the step before the shipment is handed over to the local postal service or carrier.

These are steps that very often create delays. 

It doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with the package, it is just that bottlenecks do occur around these procedures.

To a certain extent, it can become a waiting game once your package has arrived at a destination hub.

Tracking Code not Working

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Some eBay customers also experience a lack of tracking updates once the item is handed over to the carrier responsible for delivery.

This is simply down to the fact that SpeedPAK is no longer scanning the item.

A workaround for this situation is to enter the tracking number you do have into a universal tracker such as 17Track or ParcelsApp.

These free services will scan the databases of hundreds of carriers to see if information about your shipment can be found elsewhere.

Protected by eBay

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On the plus side, the fact SpeedPAK is fully integrated with eBay does mean that you are covered in the event a package is not delivered. 

You will be able to make a claim through eBay and are fully protected when things go wrong in terms of shipping.

Hopefully, this is not the outcome and your package will be with you soon.

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