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Arrived at Departure Transport Hub AliExpress – Meaning

You’re expecting an international delivery and have received an “Arrived at Departure Transport Hub AliExpress” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this alert and what happens next?

Let’s take a look…

Summary: Arrived at Departure Transport Hub AliExpress

The “Arrived at Departure Transport Hub” status alert means that the shipment has arrived at the carrier facility (hub) before being shipped overseas. Within the departure transport hub, the package will be subject to customs checks before being handed over to the airline or line-haul service responsible for overseas transit.

Arrived at Departure Transport Hub AliExpress – Guide

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This update is used by AliExpress carriers (such as Yanwen and Sunyou) when the shipment has reached the final stage of logistics inside China.

This is the departure transport hub that prepares the package for cross-border transit. This could be via cargo ship, or more often airline.

While inside the departure transport hub, the package will be cleared through customs, (either electronically or via a physical inspection); it will then be passed over to the carrier responsible for the next stage of transit.

This could be to an intermediate transit country, or the destination country.

How Long Will My Package Be Inside the Departure Transport Hub?

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It is important to understand that economy shipments (which many AliExpress deliveries are) take time.

This means that your package can be stuck on the “Arrived at Departure Transport Hub” update for a number of days, (sometimes even weeks).

The process of customs clearance is one thing that can cause delays, especially in recent years with China’s battle with the Coronavirus.

However, beyond that is the wait for the next mode of transport. Each shipment will be assigned to an airplane or cargo ship (depending on the service used).

A backlog will mean that your package remains inside the transport hub until the transit method becomes available.

In light of this, patience really does apply once you have received the “Arrived at Departure Transport Hub” status alert.

Tracking Really is Stuck on “Arrived at Departure Transport Hub”

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So, a week has passed with no new updates.

As the section above explains, it normally takes time for a shipment to pass through the transport hub and be sent overseas.

However, there is another issue here that could be causing you issues.

Economy carriers such as Yanwen and Sunyou will often stop tracking your package once it has arrived at the departure transport hub.

This is because while it is with customs, no scans are completed by the carriers. They do not have the package at this stage.

After this, the line haul carrier will have control of the shipment.

In other words, your package could well be moving, but you just don’t know about it.

Universal Tracking App


The best way to find out if this is the case, is to copy and paste the tracking number into a tracking app such as 17Track or ParcelsApp.

These free services will scan the databases of hundreds of carriers and line-haul operators.

If one of these companies is scanning your item, (and essentially in control of the shipment), a universal tracking app will show you this progress.

AliExpress Buyer’s Guarantee Period

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Another proactive step you can take if it really seems as if your package is not moving is to check your AliExpress Buyer’s Gurantee period.

Essentially, you are covered for 60 days after the order is made.

If your package does not arrive within this time, you can open a dispute with AliExpress and/or contact the seller with a view to getting your money back or a replacement sent.

What Happens After an “Arrived at Departure Transport Hub” Update?

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When all goes to plan, your shipment will pass through the departure transport hub, clearing customs and beginning its transit overseas.

Tracking updates you might expect from the carrier responsible, include: “Package Cleared by Foreign Customs Office”, “Despatched to Overseas”, and “Shipment Departed from Airport of Origin Country” to name but a few.

Final Words

Importantly, your package is still in the early stages of delivery when you receive the “Arrived at Departure Transport Hub” status alert.

As with any AliExpress shipment, patience is key.

I would recommend that you try to ignore the lack of tracking updates at this point and only begin looking into the whereabouts of your parcel if the gurantee period is drawing to a close.

These shipments take multiple weeks… it is just the nature of economy deliveries from the Far East.

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