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Capacity Arrives at Port – SF Express Tracking

You’re expecting a delivery from SF Express and have received a “Capacity Arrives at Port” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this alert and what should you do if your tracking becomes stuck

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Capacity Arrives at Port – SF Express Tracking

The “Capacity Arrives at Port” status alert means that the consignment containing the shipment has arrived at the port of destination. This could be a sea or airport inside the destination country or an intermediate country.

Capacity Arrives at Port – Guide

Container ship entering port

This update is triggered when the cargo ship or airplane reaches its destination.

All the shipments within the hold of the vehicle will trigger this update at the same time. 

The port of arrival could be the destination country, however, you may also see this update if the shipment has just arrived at a port of an intermediate transit country.

Either way, the package will not be unloaded from the airplane or cargo ship and will be prepared for the next step in the shipment journey.

What Happens After a “Capacity Arrives at Port” Update?

customs clearance in process

Once the package has been unloaded from the mode of transport that it was shipped in on, it will go on to the following steps depending on the nature of the destination:

If it has arrived in the destination country it will now be handed over to customs for clearance

If it has arrived at an intermediate transit country, the package will be prepared for dispatch to the destination country

In either case, there are clearly more steps to be undertaken before the final delivery takes place.

Tracking Stuck on “Capacity Arrives at Port”

calendar and clock

It is also important to understand that at this point it can take some time for the package to begin moving into the next step in the delivery network.

Custom clearance in the destination country can cause a delay of several days or more, (even if SF Express is deemed to be a faster way of shipping items from the Far East, they have no control over customs clearance).

Likewise, the line-haul carrier may experience delays in assigning the shipment to the next plane or cargo ship if the item is inside a transit country.

In either case, you may find your tracking remaining on “Capacity Arrives at Port” for an inordinate amount of time before a new update is triggered.

buyer guarantee-period

I recommend a similar approach in each scenario, namely that you make yourself aware of the estimated delivery window and in the case of an eCommerce purchase, know the length or your buyer’s gurantee period.

If these time periods are drawing to a close, you have every reason to contact, SF Express and/or the seller to start making inquiries as to the whereabouts of your order.

Also, if by this point SF Express has handed over your item to another carrier for transit, you will need to contact that service instead.

If you cannot find any details of the third-party carrier in your SF Express tracking, punch the details into a universal tracker such as 17Track or Parcelsapp to find out more.

Final Words


Overall, the “Capacity Arrives at Port” is a standard update used by SF Express to communicate the fact the package has arrived at the port.

If this is inside the destination country, your shipment will undergo customs inspection before making its way to the delivery address.

If it has just arrived in a transit country, there are still multiple steps to go so don’t start waiting by the front door just yet.

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