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Awaiting Delivery Scan after Out for Delivery

You’re expecting a delivery and you’ve received an “Awaiting Delivery Scan” alert after the “Out for Delivery” update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this alert and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Awaiting Delivery Scan after Out for Delivery

When you receive the “Awaiting Delivery Scan” after a package has gone out for delivery it simply means that the package has yet to be delivered and that the tracking database is expecting a delivery scan once hand over to the recipient has been completed. 

Awaiting Delivery Scan after Out for Delivery – Guide

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Receiving an “Awaiting Delivery Scan” update after an “Out for Delivery” alert is nothing to be concerned about.

Some carriers require personnel to update the tracking database with a delivery scan after the package has been handed over to the recipient.

The “Awaiting Delivery Scan” is a way that the system communicates that this has yet to take place.

As soon as the delivery has been completed, the tracking database will update accordingly.

The Package has Been Delivered but is Still “Awaiting Delivery Scan”

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If the “Awaiting Delivery Scan” alert remains after the package has been delivered there are two main reasons for this:

The delivery person forgot to update the shipment as delivered

The tracking database is experiencing a delay in updating

For all intents and purposes, as the recipient, you will not be bothered by the lack of new updates. You have your package after all.

However, as the sender, the lack of confirmation that the item has been delivered could be concerning.

To mitigate this you can either contact the recipient to ensure that the delivery has taken place accordingly.

You can also choose to wait for longer (normally until the close of the business day), for the carrier tracking database to update and confirm the fact that the shipment is complete.

Tracking Stuck on “Awaiting Delivery Scan” With no Delivery Taking Place

Awaiting Delivery Scan after Out for Delivery

It is not beyond the realm of reason for the package to not be delivered on the same day that it goes “out for delivery”.

Ultimately anything that will prevent the delivery driver from reaching the recipient’s address on that day will cause this.

From traffic or technical issues to bad weather, or simply too many parcels to deliver in one day… if delivery doesn’t take place, you will continue to see the “Awaiting Delivery Scan” alert on your tracking page.

In these circumstances, you should expect an update with details of the altered delivery date, (and depending on the carrier, a reason for the non-delivery).

In most cases, you can expect your package the following business day.

If no information is forthcoming, or delivery does not take place within 48hrs of receiving the “Out for Delivery” notification, you will need to contact the carrier to find out what is happening.

Final Words

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Overall, seeing an “Awaiting Delivery Scan” alert after the “Out for Delivery” update is a standard tracking approach used by multiple carriers.

It just means that the tracking will be updated once delivery has been completed.

The important issue is that you should be expecting your parcel that same business day.

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