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USPS Package Looping – Why it Happens & What to Do

You’re expecting a delivery and your USPS package is looping between facilities without actually being delivered.

Why is this happening and what can you do to solve it?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: USPS Package Looping

When a USPS package is stuck in a loop between facilities, it generally means that either the label barcode is damaged or it has an additional label on the package causing it to be re-routed again and again. You will need to contact USPS with the full details of the shipment in order to rectify the problem.

USPS Package Looping – Guide

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Essentially, when a USPS package is looping back and forth between facilities/distribution centers, you know that a problem has definitely occurred.

The fact that USPS sorting centers are heavily automated, means a package can go through the delivery network and end up looping without staff having any idea.

The fact the tracking is acting strange and showing that a loop is taking place will not always trigger any action either.

It basically comes down to the recipient or sender to notice the problem and then to contact USPS so that shipment can be halted and routed according to its physical destination.

In other words, human intervention is required, and the only way you can get that is by contacting USPS.

Note: On some occasions, mail will get flagged as loop mail, which brings it to the attention of USPS sorting staff so that they can physically handle the package in order to resolve the problem.

For some reason, not all loop mail gets flagged, leaving you in a situation where it just keeps on going back and forth.

Why is the USPS Package Looping?


As mentioned in the summary above, a USPS package that is looping between facilities normally has a problem with the barcode, (i.e damaged or causing a miss-scan) or has more than one label on the same package.

The loop occurs due to “confusion” in the network in terms of where the shipment is headed.

In many ways, the reason for the problem isn’t that important. 

The priority should be to contact USPS to fix the issue.

What Does USPS Do To Fix Looping Mail?

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Normally, the fix involves placing a trap put on the shipment so it gets held out as loop mail on any machine that sorts it.

It can then be manually sorted so that it is correctly dispatched to the next step in the delivery chain.

Final Words

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A USPS package that is looping is one of those issues that will require intervention.

If the shipment is on its first loop, there is a chance that the USPS network will flag it as such, so that the problem can be resolved.

If this doesn’t happen, there is every chance that your mail item will continue to loop between facilities until you contact USPS so that the package can be physically handled and put back on track.

Good luck, I hope you get your parcel soon.

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  1. That is a poor answer as, I put in my tracking number and usps is able to tell me my package is looping.., If usps is unable to read barcode, then how is it being tracked via updated tracking information?


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