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UPS Email Scam Alert: “We were not able to delivery the post package”

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The holidays will always be a time that unsavory characters attempt to take advantage of people. However, this is no cartoon bad guys in the form of Joe Pesci in Home Alone.

Cyber hackers are attempting to spread malware via a fake UPS email scam.

In short: Do NOT Click UPS “We were not able to delivery the post package” Email!

What is the UPS Email Scam?

The hackers a blanket spreading the email whether you have used UPS services or not.

However, during the holiday period, there will be a lot of UPS customers.

The email aims to target online shoppers that have recently used UPS to make them think that there will be a problem with the delivery.

The email will look as if it comes from UPS and has the correct logo and legal small print at the bottom etc. The subject will be: “We were not able to delivery the post package.”

There will be a “Track Your Shipment Now” link within the email that could infect your computer or mobile device with a virus if you click it. So don’t!

How to avoid the UPS email scam?

If you receive an email from “UPS” that has the subject line: “We were not able to delivery the post package” do not open it.

If you remain uncertain as to the status of your UPS shipment you should instead head to the UPS website, log in and use your tracking number to verify its location and to ensure everything is okay.

The clue with emails such as this is often in the subject, it seems scammers have the worst grammar ever and very often get it wrong, (“We were not able to delivery the post package”, is very poor English.)

Also, if you do open an email and suspect its origin, the email address of the sender will also be semi-nonsensical and will not look like something you would expect from the company in question.

Final Words

UPS has a page on its website dedicated to fighting fraud and is doing all it can to make instances known to customers.

The important issue is to stay vigilant when using services that operate via email over the Christmas period.

They will always be a target for fraudsters attempting to trick the public into giving away information, or for spreading viruses.

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