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Traveling Mailbox VPN Service Released in BETA

traveling mailbox vpn

The Traveling Mailbox Team has recently announced that their VPN service is now available for current customers in BETA Mode.

BETA mode means that it isn’t on full release yet, and it is a chance for a limited amount of users to test the feature to see if everything is working properly.

As the team states in the news release, “We believe everything is working properly but we need a few customers to test before we roll it out to everyone.”

The new VPN is Traveling Mailbox’s move to an even more secure platform.

The tech behind the new VPN is impressive. The platform will use several different connection methods including high-performance IKEv2, L2TP, and an SSL Client to help ensure the safest protocol when it comes to accessing your mail remotely.

The Traveling Mailbox VPN will also be accessible across all devices that you use to connect with your dashboard.
If you are interested in receiving setup instructions, you can email Traveling Mailbox:

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