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Scheduled for Delivery DHL – What does it mean?

What does the DHL “Scheduled for Delivery” tracking update mean? You’re expecting a package, you keep checking your tracking number and this is the latest notification.

Does it mean your package is about to arrive? Can you expect it that same day?

Let’s take a look.

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SUMMARY: Scheduled for Delivery DHL

  • Scheduled for deliveryDHL means that your package is at a local facility and has been assigned a final delivery method (either DHL or 3rd Party). Essentially, a delivery time and date have been scheduled.
  • “Scheduled for Delivery as Agreed” DHL means the same as above. However, it is in line with the originally specified delivery date.
  • In both cases, the package should be delivered within the next DHL delivery day.

Scheduled for Delivery DHL – What it Means

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When you receive a “Scheduled for delivery” DHL update it means that your package is at the last stage of its journey.

The package is at your nearest DHL (or sometimes 3rd party if one is being used) facility and has been assigned a date and time for the final delivery.

Very often the update will be accompanied by another notification detailing the expected delivery time.

When will I receive my package after “Scheduled for Delivery”?

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If you receive an update on the expected delivery time and date, that will tell you when your package will arrive.

However, due to the fact that the package is at your nearest facility and has been assigned a delivery method, you can expect it within the next working delivery day.

Can I Place a “Scheduled for Delivery” Package on Hold to Pick it up in Person?

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Whether you can ask DHL to hold a package once it has been “scheduled for delivery” varies.

If the package has already been put on the truck for final delivery, or is in the control of a 3rd party courier, placing the package on hold will be difficult.

You will need to wait for the delivery rather than arrange to pick it up from the local facility.

If the package has only recently been scheduled for delivery and remains inside your local DHL facility, you will be able to place a hold on it.

To do this you should contact DHL with your tracking number, ascertain the location of the package, and place it on hold if possible.

What does “Scheduled for Delivery as Agreed” DHL Mean?

scheduled for delivery dhl

A similar update is “Scheduled for delivery as agreed”. The update itself means the same as what we have described above.

In other words, your package has arrived at the local DHL facility (or that of a delivery 3rd party) and has been assigned a date and time for delivery.

In the case of “As Agreed” however, it simply means that the original date of delivery will be abided by.

Your package will arrive on time, in line with the date that was assigned when the item was shipped.

This of course also provides you with information on when the package will arrive.

If you would prefer to place the item on hold at the facility you will need to contact DHL before the package has been put on the truck for final delivery.

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