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How Many Stamps Do I Need for a Manila Envelope (USPS)

How Many Stamps Do I Need for a Manila Envelope

How many stamps do you need for a manila envelope in 2023? That’s what we will look into today.

Manila envelopes are a popular way of posting documents and other small mail items.

They come in a range of sizes, and this, along with the weight will determine how many stamps you will need.

Let’s explore just how many that will be…

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SUMMARY: How Many Stamps Do I Need for a Manila Envelope?

  • Small Manila Envelope (5 x 7″) = 1 Forever Stamp up to 1oz in weight. 1oz Stamp for each additional ounce (max 3.5oz).
  • Medium Manila Envelope (6 x 9″) = 1 Forever Stamp up to 1oz in weight. 1oz Stamp for each additional ounce (max 3.5oz).
  • Once a small & Medium Manila Envelope goes over 3.5oz it is considered a large (flat) envelope.
  • Large Manila Envelope (6 x 12″) = 2 Forever Stamps up to 1oz in weight. 1oz Stamp for each additional ounce.

How Many Stamps Do I Need for a Manila Envelope in 2023?

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Stamps for a Small Manila Envelope (5 x 7″)

If your small manila envelope weighs less than an ounce, it can be mailed via USPS using one domestic forever stamp, (Forever Stamps in 2023 are currently priced at $0.58)

If the weight goes over one ounce for a small manila envelope, you will need to add extra ounce stamps to cover the weight.

USPS currently charges $0.20 for each additional ounce on small manila envelopes. Under these dimensions, the maximum weight you can have is 3.5 ounces total. 

Additional ounce stamps can be purchased online or at your local post office.

1.1 – 2oz1 FS + 1 OUNCE STAMP (OS)
2.1 – 3oz1 FS + 2 OS
3.1 – 3.51 FS + 3 OS

Note: Once your small 5 x 7 manila envelope goes over 3.5 ounces in weight, USPS will consider it as a large envelope.

It will then be priced under the specifications listed below. 

It is also important to realize that small manila envelopes fall within USPS’ size requirements as First-Class letter mail. These are standard-size letters.

In other words, your (1 ounce) mail will be sent at this service speed using just one Forever Stamp, (with an additional $0.20 for every ounce on top up to 3.5oz).

Stamps For a Medium Manila Envelope (6 x 9″)

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Medium manila envelopes measure 6 x 9 inches. These medium-sized envelopes qualify as standard-size envelopes that can be mailed as a First-Class letter.

The amount of stamps you need to mail a medium manila envelope is very similar to the small.

A one-ounce and below 6 x 9 manila costs just one Forever Stamp to mail.

Anything between 1.1oz and 2oz will require the aforementioned ounce stamps priced at $0.20.

If the medium manila weighs between 2.1oz and 3.0oz, 2 additional ounce stamps will be required.

1.1 – 2oz1 FS + 1 OUNCE STAMP (OS)
2.1 – 3oz1 FS + 2 OS
3.1 – 3.51 FS + 3 OS

Again, there is a 3.5 ounce-maximum. Over this and your medium manila envelop will be priced as a large envelope, (see below).

Stamps For a Large Manila Envelope (6 x 12″)

Larger manila envelopes, (9 x 12 inches) are also known as flats. The price to mail a one-ounce large manila envelope with USPS is $1.16.

If you are using Forever Stamps, you will need two of them to cover this 1-ounce fee structure.

As with small and medium-sized manila envelopes, anything over 1 ounce will need to be covered with the relevant amount of additional one-ounce stamps, ($0.20)

1.1 – 2oz2 FS + 1 OUNCE STAMP (OS)
2.1 – 3oz2 FS + 2 OS
3.1 – 3.52 FS + 3 OS

Large manila envelopes are very popular due to the fact that A4 paper (8 ½ x 11 inches) can fit inside them.

This is the most common-sized manila envelope used for business purposes.

USPS, Stamps & Manila Envelopes: Points to Note

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Non-machinable Manila Envelopes

When mailing manila envelopes via USPS you should bear in mind that envelopes with clasps, strings, or medallions will incur extra charges above those that we have cited above.

This is because an extra handling fee is added due to such envelopes being unable to go through the USPS automatic sorting machines.

Manila envelopes adorned with extra clasps etc, need to be hand-sorted at the post office and sorting facilities.

As of 2023, the USPS non-machinable surcharge is $0.30 per mail item.

In other words, you will have to pay an extra $0.30 for the number of stamps you need for each envelope.

For small or medium manila envelopes, you can either purchase special non-machinable stamps at $0.88, (the price of a Forever Stamp plus the additional non-machinable surcharge), or cover the surcharge using cent stamps.

Metered Postage & Manila Envelopes

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For businesses mailing manila envelopes on a regular basis, metered postage is a better option than the combination of Forever Stamps and additional ounce stamps.

This is because you can pay the exact amount in relation to the weight of the envelope, (rather than having to round upwards).

If your business would benefit from metered postage you can lease an authorized postage meter from the post office.

This will give you easy access to metered prices on all your mail items.

In cases where you will infrequently need access to metered postage, you can purchase it by sending your mail from the post office.

Final Words

Working out how many stamps you need for manila envelopes is easy. USPS has set out a transparent pricing structure for customers to follow.

Should you be confused, however, the tables above should help you understand the number of stamps required.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.

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