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What Does USORDA, USA Mean? (A Complete Guide)

You are expecting a package and have received a “USORDA, USA” tracking update.

What does USORDA mean and what do you do if your tracking ends up stuck on this alert?

Let’s take a look…

Summary: USORDA, USA

USORDA, USA is an international sorting facility owned by USPS in Chicago, Illinois. It is also known as ISC Chicago IL (USPS). Packages traveling between the USA and Canada (USPS to Canada Post) and vice versa will pass through USORDA, USA where they will be held for customs clearance and sorted for dispatch to their respective destinations. 


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We have published an in-depth article about ISC Chicago IL (USPS) here, however, we will cover some of the points that will have made you search the “USORDA, USA” in the first place.

Essentially, USORDA is a USPS International sorting facility based in Chicago.

Not only are packages moving between the USA and Canada processed at this location, but international shipments headed for anywhere in the world may also pass through USORDA.

The facility is situated within the wider O’Hara International Airport complex, and inbound and outbound international mail items are processed with necessary customs clearance checks also taking place.

Tracking Stuck At USORDA, USA

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Whether your package is leaving the USA or has just arrived in the USA, it is relatively common for the tracking to end up stuck on USORDA, USA.

It is very likely that you are reading this now because this is the situation you find yourself in.

So, why has this happened?

There are a number of reasons your mail item may have come to a halt at this location.

Firstly, logistical issues could well be the cause.

High package volumes, technical or staffing issues, backlogs in the customs clearance process… you name it if it can cause a delay in your package being checked and sorted for onward dispatch, your tracking will end up stuck.

The important thing to realize is that these issues are not insurmountable, and more often than not will be resolved without the need of contacting USPS.

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In fact, if your package is held in customs while it awaits clearance, there is nothing USPS can do anyway. 

Until clearance takes place (and the package is released) or customs alerts the sender/receiver to an issue with the item, (taxes owed for example), the carrier will not be responsible for the package and you will not receive any new updates.

Essentially, patience is key.

If tax and duties and owed, you will be notified.

If the package is stuck due to logistical problems, it will eventually pass through USORDA, USA and there will not be much you can do until it does.

But my Mail Has Been Lost in USORDA, USA for Weeks Now!?

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Lost Ark Vibes – What springs to mind when a package is stuck at USORDA

Okay, it will reach a stage where weeks have passed, and not seems as if the package is now lost in the black hole of USORDA, USA.

Unfortunately, this does happen on an all too regular basis.

If more than 2 weeks have passed with no new updates, you will need to make inquiries.

This will involve contacting USPS and/or the sender/seller.

If this is an eCommerce order you will want to understand your rights in the case of non-delivery.

Most platforms offer buyer guarantee periods should the order never arrive.

It may take a few emails and phone calls, but hopefully, the whereabouts of the package will be found and it will start moving again.

Final Words

In short, USORDA, USA is a USPS International sorting facility based in Chicago.

If you live in Illinois and are sending a package internationally, chances are it will be processed through this facility.

Likewise, receiving an International package as a resident of this region will see the item pass through USORDA, USA.

Patience is often a virtue on parcels that end up in this facility, as unfortunately, delays are common.

If the wait time really is extensive, the relevant contact details can be found below.

Important Contact Details

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There is the USPS International Inquiry Center at 800-222-1811 that can be contacted in order to initiate an inquiry regarding international registered, recorded delivery, insured, and ordinary parcels.

There is also a USPS ISC Facebook Page, where you can voice your complaints.

You may also wish to raise your complaint with the USPS Inspector General Office.

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