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What Does the “Received by the Carrier” Tracking Alert Mean? (AliExpress)

You’ve just received a tracking update from your latest AliExpress order and it states “Received by the Carrier”.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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“Received by the Carrier – Meaning

“Received by the Carrier” means that your package has been dispatched from the warehouse fulfillment center and is now in the hands of the carrier responsible for international transit.

Where is Your Package When You See the “Received by the Carrier” Tracking Status?

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If this is an AliExpress order, your package is still in China.

The shipment is at the port of exit, which could be an airport, train, or seaport depending on the shipping type ordered.

Similar to the “received by line-haul” status alert, the fact your package has been “Received by the Carrier” means it is now being prepared for overseas transit toward the destination country.

My Package is Stuck on the “Received by the Carrier” Update

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Unfortunately, AliExpress shipments can often remain stuck on the “Received by the Carrier” for a seemingly long time.

This happens when a package is not scanned at the origin country exit point.

If the carrier fails to provide any updates at this stage, your shipment can end up beginning its overseas transit without you having tangible evidence that this has happened.

Understandably, this can be frustrating for the recipient. However, this is the reality of ordering items from China via AliExpress (or any eCommerce store). In the early stages of the shipment, the tracking can be sparse.

So What I Should I do if My Tracking is Stuck?

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We have covered this a lot on Mailbox Master. If your AliExpress tracking updates remain stuck your first step is to remain patient.

By way of comparison, AliExpress Standard Shipping states that delivery times average between 2 to 6 weeks. That is a wide delivery window.

Add this to the fact that early tracking updates can be unreliable, and you have a situation where all you can really do is sit back and have faith that the package is actually on its way.

Very often with an AliExpress shipment, “no news is good news”.

One aspect to pay attention to is your 60-day Buyer’s Guarantee Period. This means you are covered by AliExpress if an order does not arrive within 60 days.

If this period draws to an end and you still haven’t seen your package, you should open a dispute to see what has happened to your order and if necessary request a refund or another item sent.

“Received by the Carrier” Status Alert Loop

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Sometimes AliExpress customers end up seeing the “Received by the Carrier” status alert more than once.

This happens when the initial alert is sent upon the item being dispatched to the carrier from the seller and again once it has cleared customs and is being prepared for overseas transit at the exit port.

If the alert appears again after this, it is generally a sign that the shipment has encountered a problem in the carrier facility.

The alert loop is a result of repeated attempts for the consignment to leave the origin country via the applicable transport method.

As it returns to the warehouse, it is rescanned, causing the tracking alert to repeat itself.

What Does “Order information Received by Carrier” Mean?

Order information Received by Carrier

“Order information received by carrier” is a similar-sounding update. However, in this case, your item is still in the warehouse.

The alert is telling you that the carrier responsible for shipping the consignment has received an order.

In other words, details of the shipment have been sent to the carrier.

You may also receive an “Awaiting Fulfillment” update during this period before the item is in the hands of the carrier.

Final Words

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Essentially, “Received by the Carrier” is a tracking update that tells you the order has left the warehouse used by the seller and is in the hands of the service that is responsible for the overseas transit section of the shipment.

However, the consignment is still in China and there is a long way to go.

If it is a while before you receive any more updates, do not be alarmed. In most instances, the package is slowly making progress.

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