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Receive Item at Delivery Office (Inb) – Meaning

You’ve sent a package and have received a “Receive Item at Delivery Office (Inb)” tracking update

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this update and what should you do if the shipment ends up stuck on this alert?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Receive Item at Delivery Office (Inb)

The “Receive item in office of exchange (inb)” tracking update means that the shipment has reached the destination country and has been received by the exchange office at the import location. “Inb” stands for “Inward Bound”.

Receive Item at Delivery Office (Inb) – Guide


As covered in the summary above, this tracking update means that the package has arrived at the import location of the destination country.

It is an alert used by a number of carriers when tracking international shipments.

This facility the package has been received is often situated in the nearest international sorting facility to the recipient’s location.

As a result, it will be a vital hub for sorting and preparing packages for their final delivery destinations.

What Goes on Inside a Delivery Office (Inb)

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Let’s face it, the fact you have searched for details of this update is that your package has been stuck on it for several days.

You are now wondering what to do.

Before we dive into that, it is important to understand what goes on inside the inward-bound delivery office.

This will help you gauge what is actually a long time to wait for the item to pass through the delivery office.

The specific operations may vary depending on the carrier and facility, but here are some common activities that occur:

1. Customs Checks & Clearance

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International packages will be checked by customs staff.

This is to ensure that no prohibited items are entering the country, as well to ensure that all documentation is present and correct.

The checks will also flag any issues with unpaid taxes and duties.

If your package is taking a long time to pass through the inward-bound delivery office, the chances are it is still awaiting customs clearance.

2. Sorting and Scanning

Upon arrival at the delivery office, packages go through a sorting process.

This involves scanning the barcode or tracking number on each package to update its status in the carrier’s system.

The scanning helps track the location of the package and ensures it is correctly assigned for the next stage of delivery.

3. Destination Assignment

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Based on the scanning and documentation, the delivery office assigns the final delivery destination for each package.

This could be a specific post office, a local courier route, or a delivery truck bound for a particular area.

The package is then sorted and grouped accordingly to streamline the delivery process.

4. Consolidation and Staging

Packages with similar destinations are consolidated into batches for more efficient handling and delivery.

These batches are organized and staged in designated areas within the delivery office, ready for loading onto vehicles.

5. Vehicle Loading & Dispatch


Once the packages are sorted, staged, and assigned to their respective destinations, they are loaded onto delivery vehicles.

The destination after dispatch will commonly be a sorting facility close to the destination address, where the item will be prepared for final delivery.

What to do if Package Really is Stuck?

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If the tracking remains unchanged for an unusually long time (beyond the estimated delivery window), it is advisable to take the following steps:


In many cases, the delay might be due to internal processes at the delivery office and/or package volume issues at customs.

Delivery services handle a substantial volume of packages daily, and occasional delays can occur.

It is important to be patient and allow additional time for the delivery to proceed.

Contact the Carrier

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If the tracking remains stagnant for an extended period or surpasses the estimated delivery date, reaching out to the carrier’s customer service is recommended.

They can provide more information about the package’s status, investigate any potential issues, and provide updates on the expected delivery timeline.

File a Complaint or Inquiry

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If the package remains undelivered for an extended period or the carrier’s customer service fails to provide a satisfactory resolution, customers may consider filing a complaint or inquiry with the carrier.

This can be done through their official website or by contacting their customer service directly.

Providing them with the relevant tracking details and explaining the issue will aid in resolving the matter more effectively.

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