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The USPS “Moved, Left No Address” Tracking Alert

You’ve sent a mail item via USPS and have received a “Moved, Left No Address” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly, what happens to the mail now and is there anything you can do?

Let’s take a look…

USPS “Moved, Left No Address” – Guide


Receiving this alert is problematic for both the sender and receiver.

If you have sent an item through the post and it seems the recipient is no longer at the address, you will be concerned about what will happen with the mail.

If you are the receiver and you know that you do in fact still live at the destination address, you will be wondering what is going on with the tracking.

Before diving into what parties should do in this situation, let’s clarify what the tracking alert means.



When the USPS tracking system displays the “MOVED, LEFT NO ADDRESS” status, it indicates that the recipient’s address has changed or is incomplete, making it impossible for USPS to deliver the package.

This update suggests that the intended recipient has relocated, but their new address is either unknown or insufficiently provided to complete the delivery process.

Okay, so this is the theory behind the tracking alert.

However, there are a number of scenarios that can cause the alert to be sent.

Reasons for the “MOVED, LEFT NO ADDRESS” Alert

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Incomplete or Incorrect Address

If the sender or the recipient has provided an incorrect or incomplete address, USPS may be unable to deliver the package.

Missing details like apartment numbers, street names, or ZIP codes can result in the update being triggered.

Change of Address

Customers who move without updating their address information with USPS can encounter this alert.

When individuals relocate, it is crucial to notify USPS about the change to ensure seamless mail forwarding.

Forwarding Period Expired


If the recipient had requested mail forwarding but failed to provide USPS with a valid forwarding address within the specified timeframe, USPS may not have a new address to deliver the package to.

In such cases, the update is generated.

What Should You Do When You See This Update?

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Verify the Recipient’s Address

If you receive this tracking update, double-check the recipient’s address provided to USPS.

Ensure that all the necessary details, such as apartment or unit numbers, street names, and ZIP codes, are accurate.

Correcting any errors can help prevent future delivery issues.

Contact the Recipient

If you are the sender, try contacting the recipient to confirm their address. It is possible that they recently moved or made an error when providing their address.

Verifying their current address will enable you to update USPS and ensure successful delivery.

Update Address Information

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If you are the recipient and have moved, make sure to update your address information promptly.

Visit the official USPS website or contact your local post office to provide your new address.

Updating your address will facilitate accurate mail delivery and prevent any further alerts of this type.

Reschedule Delivery or Pickup

If you have confirmed the correct address, but the package is still not delivered, you can contact USPS customer service or use their online tools to reschedule the delivery.

Alternatively, you may be able to arrange to pick up the package directly from your local post office.

Seek Additional Assistance

In case of continued issues or if you require further assistance, contact USPS customer service directly.

They can provide guidance and help resolve any lingering problems or concerns related to the “MOVED, LEFT NO ADDRESS” situation.

What Does USPS Do After a “Moved, Left No Address” Update?

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After the USPS tracking system generates a “MOVED, LEFT NO ADDRESS” alert, the postal service takes several steps to handle the package appropriately.

Here is an overview of what USPS does with a package after this alert is sent:

Attempted Delivery

When USPS encounters the “MOVED, LEFT NO ADDRESS” status, it implies that the package cannot be delivered to the original address provided by the sender.

However, USPS typically attempts delivery at the intended address first to confirm if the recipient has moved or if there was an addressing error.

Return to Sender

return to sender

If the recipient has moved and left no forwarding address, or if the package cannot be delivered due to an addressing error, USPS returns the package to the sender.

The return process ensures that the package reaches its original point of origin.

Package Intercept

In some cases, if the “MOVED, LEFT NO ADDRESS” alert is generated before the delivery attempt or while the package is in transit, the sender may request a package intercept.

A package intercept allows the sender to redirect the package to a new address or hold it for pickup at a local post office.

Hold at Post Office

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If the package cannot be delivered due to an incomplete address or missing recipient information, USPS may hold the package at the recipient’s local post office.

They will leave a notification card or send an email notifying the recipient that the package is available for pickup.

The recipient can then visit the post office and provide the necessary identification to claim the package.

Return to Sender with Forwarding Information


In cases where the recipient had requested mail forwarding but failed to provide a new address within the specified timeframe, USPS may return the package to the sender along with forwarding information.

The forwarding information enables the sender to update the address and resend the package to the recipient’s new location.

It’s important to note that USPS procedures may vary depending on the specific circumstances and the type of service used (e.g., Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, etc.).

If the sender or recipient needs further assistance regarding the package after the “MOVED, LEFT NO ADDRESS” alert, they should contact USPS customer service for guidance and support.

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