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4PX Parcel Information Received – Meaning

You’re expecting a package and have received a 4PX “Parcel Information Received” tracking alert.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your shipment when you receive this update and what should you do if it is stuck?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: 4PX Parcel Information Received

This status alert means that the sender has created an order for a shipment through 4PX. The package is still with the sender at this stage, however, 4PX has information about it within the network database and a tracking number has been assigned.

4PX Parcel Information Received – Guide

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The Parcel Information is Now in the 4PX Database

4PX is a large carrier used by Ecommerce platforms in China. It is a list effective way of sending packages around the world.

This particular status alert is one of the first you will receive after making an order from one of these Ecommerce platforms, (AliExpress, Shein, etc).

It is triggered once the seller has made the order with 4PX to ship your purchase to you.

Essentially, the item will still be with the seller at this stage, (or more likely, it will be on the shelf of a fulfillment warehouse somewhere in China).

While your order is picked and packaged, the shipment details are sent to 4PX (creating the “Parcel Information Received” alert), and a tracking number is assigned.

Tracking Stuck on 4PX “Parcel Information Received”

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There is a very good chance that you have reached this article because your tracking is stuck on this update.

There are actually a number of reasons this might be happening.

The Sender Has not Handed the Package Over to 4PX

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Remember, when the 4PX Parcel Information Received alert is triggered, the carrier does not yet have the package inside its delivery network.

Your order is still with the seller.

Until the item is fully packaged, labeled, and handed over to 4PX you will not receive any new updates.

Even after this, you will need to wait until 4PX has scanned the physical package before you see a new update.

If for whatever reason, the sender is slow to do this, it will seem as if your package tracking is stuck.

First Scan from 4PX is Delayed

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Another issue that can cause your tracking to be stuck is that 4PX is slow to undertake the first physical scan of your package.

In some scenarios, this will happen when 4PX first collects the package (along with many others) from the seller’s warehouse. 

The tracking number is automatically tagged as being received, and you will see an update to reflect that it is now in transit.

However, this does not always happen.

If the first scan your shipment receives occurs inside the 4PX sorting facility, all it takes is a short delay inside the facility until your package is sorted, for you to start thinking the tracking is stuck.

In both these examples, you could be looking at the 4PX “Parcel Information Received” for more than three days before a new update is triggered.

What to do if Tracking is Stuck?

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As the section above should demonstrate, a delay of 3 to 5 days before you see another update is not unusual, and would not signify that a problem has occurred.

However, if more than 5 days pass without a sign of progress I would recommend that you contact the seller to confirm that the order has in fact been dispatched.

If it remains with the seller you will have grounds to complain as to why (platforms such as AliExpress actually provide guidelines on dispatch times for sellers)… you can even cancel your order if you are not happy with the response time.

4PX Parcel Information Received
Tracking Stuck on “Parcel Information Received”

If it turns out that the seller has already dispatched your order, the problem is most likely a mix-scan from 4PX.

The fact your item is still inside China at this stage of the shipment journey does make it difficult to get a decent answer from 4PX.

Essentially, you should wait longer. The important issue is that you now know 4PX has a physical package within its delivery network.

With any luck, it will begin moving toward you soon.

How Long Until Delivery After a “4PX Parcel Information Received” Alert?

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You shouldn’t hold your breath at this stage.

Even when everything goes smoothly, your package is still at the very beginning of the shipment journey.

For example, if you have made an order through AliExpress, standard shipping is 15 to 45 business days.

That’s over 2 months in the long end. 

In other words, your package still has a long way to go.

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