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Yiwu Sorting Center – Tracking Information & Guide

Yiwu Sorting Center is a large mail sorting and distribution facility located in Jinhua, Central Zhejiang Province, China.

Both International and domestic packages are processed through this facility.

Where is Yiwu Sorting Center Located?

Yiwu Sorting Center
  • Yiwu Sorting Center: 83H9+CP7, Xuefeng E Rd, Yiwu, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China, 322007

What Happens at Yiwu Sorting Center?

inside sort facilty

Quite simply, mail and parcels are sorted for onward distribution at the Yiwu Sorting Center.

The facility is a major hub for International mail departing China from Jinhua. Domestic mail also flows through the center.

However, with the large manufacturing presence in the area, as well as the close proximity of Yiwu airport, a large number of parcels that pass through the center are destined for locations such as America and Europe.

Delays at the Yiwu Sorting Center

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Fulfillment centers and sellers associated with large eCommerce platforms such as AliExpress, Wish, and Shien ship items to the west, that ultimately leave China after passing through the Yiwu Sorting Center.

This also means that backlogs can occur during times when lots of orders are being made on these eCommerce platforms.

Christmas shopping, Black Friday sales, and other promotions directed at western shoppers (as well as those based in China) can all lead to a high volume of packages entering the center.

Delays, therefore are relatively common.

Tracking Updates Associated with the Yiwu Sorting Center

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There are actually only two tracking updates that you can expect associated with Yiwu Sorting Center and both are very self-explanatory.

The first will be when your package arrives.

The item will be scanned (either as an individual parcel or part of a bulk consignment) as it enters the facility and an “Arrived at Yiwu Sorting Center” alert will be triggered.

After the item has been processed, sorted, and loaded onto a vehicle leaving the facility a “Departed Yiwu Sorting Center” alert will be triggered.

From here, an international package will be taken to the nearby Yiwu airport for overseas transit.

Package Stuck at Yiwu Sorting Center

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It is important to understand that not all carriers will send these updates to notify customers of progress.

Because of this, it can seem as if your package is stuck.

Furthermore, even if you do see that the item has arrived at the center, the aforementioned delays during times of high package volumes will also lead you to believe that your shipment is stuck.

I recommend that you expect up to two weeks with receiving another update at this stage.

The combination of scant updates, the fact that shipments can take a long time to be processed, and that the next step after leaving the facility is overseas transit, means “radio silence” on progress is common.

In other words, your package may well be going through the delivery network as it should, you are just not hearing about it.

What to do if Package is Stuck at Yiwu Sorting Center

Okay, you have waited several weeks and there is still no sign of any updates about your package.

There are a couple of proactive steps that I recommend in this situation.

Universal Tracking App


The first is to place your tracking details into a universal tracking app. (In truth you could do this earlier during the shipping process).

If you are not getting any updates through the eCommerce platform you ordered from, or the local carrier that was responsible for the early part of the shipment, these apps will help.

Essentially, if the item is being scanned by another carrier a tracking app such as 17Track or Parcelsapp should be able to find it.

Chances are that your package left the Yiwu Sorting Center weeks prior and is slowly making its way to the destination.

Contact the Seller & Sales Platform

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If the above reveals no new information and the weeks since you made the order are starting to add up, it could be time to look at your buyer gurantee period.

For example, AliExpress offers 60 days buyers guarantee period on any purchases made through the platform.

This means that regardless of the situation if the item does not arrive in that time frame, you will be covered.

You will need to open a dispute with the platform before the time runs out, however.

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