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“Paperwork Available for Non-FedEx Broker” – What Does it Mean?

You’re expecting a FedEx overseas delivery and you have just received a “Paperwork Available for Non-FedEx Broker” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? How long will your package take to arrive and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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Paperwork Available for Non-FedEx Broker – Meaning

A “Paperwork Available for Non-FedEx Broker” tracking update means that another broker besides FedEx will be clearing the package with Customs. Essentially, the Customs paperwork is available for the broker to use and after clearance is passed FedEx will retrieve the package to continue delivery.

Where is my package when I receive a “Paperwork Available for Non-FedEx Broker”

Your package can be in one of two places when you receive this update.

It has either already been passed onto the broker that is in charge of managing shipment (along with the paperwork), or it is awaiting collection by the broker.

In either case, the next step is customs clearance. We have discussed this in detail here. The tracking update that signifies clearance is underway is: “Clearance in Progress”.

What Happens after Customs Clearance?

Once your package has cleared customs it will be dispatched to Fed-Ex, (or FedEx partner) for onward shipment.

If the clearance procedure was export (i.e leaving the country of origin) this would normally be air or ship bound transit towards the destination country.

If the clearance procedure was for import (i.e arrival into the destination country) the package will be handed over for transit to a FedEx facility(s) before going out for final delivery.

What happens if my package is stuck on “Paperwork Available for Non-FedEx Broker”

Paperwork Available for Non-FedEx Broker

If your package remains stuck on “Paperwork Available for Non-FedEx Broker” your first action should be to contact FedEx to find out which broker is in charge of clearance and whether they actually physically have your item or not.

If they do, the process will currently be out of FedEx’s control. The delay is either due to waiting for the broker to submit the package for clearance, or for customs to actually clear it.

To find out more, you or the shipper will need to contact the broker directly.

Is there anything I can do to speed the process up?

Unfortunately not. Customs clearance is a waiting game at the best of times. Once the broker has the package and relevant paperwork the responsibility is on them to hand over the item for clearance as soon as possible.

The speed at which customs works is dependent on many variables outside the scope of this article.

As a shipper, it is imperative that all the correct information was completed and provided so that clearance goes smoothly. 

As the recipient, all you can do is keep an eye on your tracking details for further information on the progress of your package.

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