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LegalZoom Acquires Earth Class Mail

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Earth Class Mail has recently announced (November 10th, 2021) that the company is now part of LegalZoom. LegalZoom is one of the largest online small business formation services, and one can see a high level of synergy between the two services.

As Earth Class Mail states in the announcement:

“Joining LegalZoom will enable Earth Class Mail to enhance the services we provide to our customers, leverage the knowledge and power of a leading technology company, and offer LegalZoom’s customers our seamless virtual mail solutions.

Current Earth Class Mail Customers

Existing Earth Class Mail customers may have questions about the recent acquisition, after all, the virtual mailbox and mailroom service provider is one of the leading in the industry and has a lot of big-name enterprise customers, (they count Reddit and Lyft on their books, among others).

According to Earth Class Mail, current customers will not see any difference in the way they log into their accounts, the way their billing will be handled, or the actual use of the service as it stands.

Clearly, customers can expect changes in the future. The announcement also stated that: “As we grow, we will be able to apply LegalZoom’s technology, products, and services to help both our current customers and new ones. We have exciting ideas for what this could look like.

Editorial View

We here at Mailbox Master see the acquisition in a very positive light. LegalZoom is a well-respected company in the online LLC Formation space, they also offer more general legal, compliance, and tax solutions. The growth of the company has been rapid, and their services are highly praised for quality, ease of use, and customer service.

Both Earth Class Mail and LegalZoom use technology to make service areas that were traditionally difficult and time-consuming, as streamlined and headache-free as possible. They both share a passion for empowering their customers.

It is also easy to see how the two services complement each other greatly. Small businesses and entrepreneurs will use LegalZoom to start their businesses. These same customers will then be able to seamlessly select a virtual business address and use the tools built into Earth Class Mail to successfully manage their physical mail.

To find out more about the acquisition and for a series of FAQs on the subject posted by Earth Class Mail, head here.

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