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DHL Change Delivery Address & Redirect – Complete Guide


DHL is clearly one of the world’s leading carriers. The company is responsible for millions of packages and letters zooming around the globe at any one time.

It stands to reason that sometimes the wrong address will be attached to a package. Or partway through the delivery process, a recipient needs a redirect as they are not at the address in question.

So how do you change the delivery address of a DHL package? That’s exactly what we will look into today.

Changing Delivery Address with DHL

It is important to understand that the way you change the DHL delivery address is dependant on the type of shipping being used.

DHL Parcel, Express, Easy Shop, etc, all utilize slightly different methods.

Changing delivery address with DHL Parcel (European Customers)

Those guys over at DHL know how to make things easier for their European customers. With DHL Parcel recipients can change the delivery date or location for free and do it easily online.

Furthermore, there is no need to contact the sender.

With DHL Parcel, once the courier has picked up your package from the store, you will receive a notification sent to your account, (that can be accessed using your phone) with information confirming the expected date and place of delivery.

You will also be provided with a shipment number and PIN.

Simply use this PIN when accessing the “Redirect Package” service within your account. Enter the updated address details and the parcel will be redirected accordingly.

DHL Change Delivery Address – Things to Remember


Notes for European DHL Parcel Uses – Changing delivery address:

  • You can only use another address within the same DHL Parcel area
  • The address of DHL Locker Points and vending machines are available to use
  • You can add a neighbors’ address into your account in case there is no one at the main address.
  • You can also request a redirect back to the sender (in circumstances where you do want to receive the parcel).
  • Any changes you make to the DHL parcel delivery address need to be made before 23:59 of the day before the scheduled delivery.

DHL Change Delivery Address – EasyShop


To change the delivery address through DHL EasyShop you have to ensure that the package has not been dispatched already.

The steps here are as follows:

  • Log into your DHL EasyShop account
  • Click on ‘My Address book’ from within the account menu
  • Click edit to change your address
  • The current item, (as long as it has not already been shipped) and all future items will be sent to the new address.

Note: the new address will go through a short process of validation before any new item will be released for shipment.

Although you cannot redirect an EasyShop Parcel in the USA after shipment, you can make arrangements to reschedule the delivery. Head here for more information on that, and have your tracking number ready.

DHL Change Delivery Address (USA)

DHL does not offer the ability to change the address once the shipment has been dispatched.

However, you do have an opportunity to reschedule delivery as long as you have a tracking number. The same process applies as with EasyShop Parcels.

Head to the “DHL Reschedule a Delivery” page, enter your tracking number, and request a new time and/or day for the delivery of your item.

Final Words

Essentially, changing the delivery address of a DHL shipment is difficult after the item has been dispatched. However, in many cases, you will be able to reschedule a delivery if you are not at the address in order to receive the item.

If you are a DHL Parcel user located in Europe, you will have some options available to you in terms of item redirection during the shipping process. Just make sure you make those changes before the day of ultimate delivery. You will also need to choose an alternative address within the same DHL delivery area.

Below are some helpful links on all that we have covered today in terms of DHL change delivery address. We hope this helps. 🙂

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