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Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped – Complete Guide

Why is your Shein tracking stuck in shipped?

You’ve ordered multiple items from this popular online retailer and you’re excited about the delivery.

However, after checking the tracking over several days (if not more) you’re not seeing any progress past shipped.

Frustrating at best, alarming at worst, (how long will it take to reach me!?)

Let’s take a look at why it happens and if there’s anything you can do…

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Summary: Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped

There are several reasons your package might be stuck in shipped. Essentially, your Shein order has been packaged together at this point and is awaiting pick-up from the carrier. If there is a delay in this process, (either on the part of Shein or the carrier service), your package will remain stuck on shipped. The shipped status will remain until your order has arrived at the carrier sorting facility and receives another scan.

Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped – Guide

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Let’s first look at the status of your order when you receive the shipped tracking update.

At this stage, your item/s are still in the Shein warehouse.

It is worth looking at the alerts that fall within the shipped stage of the Shein package journey, (see screenshot below).

Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped

First, the package is designated as “International Warehouse Awaiting final inspection and carrier pickup”.

i.e., at the point, the final order inside the international warehouse awaiting its final inspection before the carrier arrives to pick it up.

Another alert is then triggered after this that states: “International Warehouse Final package sterilization and inspection completed, package shipped.”


This basically means that the order package has now been sterilized, and is ready for collection.

It doesn’t mean that it has left the warehouse, it just means that Shein (as far as they are concerned) has finished putting the order together, (ie they have shipped it) and delivery can now commence.

Apologies, for the long-winded explanation of the status of your shipment at this stage, but it is important.

So What Happens Next (Under Normal Circumstances)?

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Normally, the carrier company will collect your order from Shein, (along with thousands of other orders) and deliver it to the carrier facility for sorting and dispatch.

As you can see from my latest Shein order, this was carried out with 10hrs of my order being classified as shipped.

Shipped Shein

In my experience with Shein, a package normally remains in the shipped stage for anything between 5 and 48hrs.

This is essentially the gap between the order being scanned as shipped inside the Shein warehouse, and being scanned again upon arrival at the carrier sort facility.

Why Is My Shein Package Stuck In Shipped – The Reasons

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Let’s face it, you have reached this article because more than 48hrs have passed and your Shein order still shows shipped, with no further updates.

You are beginning to wonder why your package isn’t moving.

The reasons include:

1. The Package was Not Picked Up by the Carrier


This is the most obvious reason behind your Shein order being stuck on shipped.

When the carrier collected the various orders, yours did not make it onto the designated vehicle meaning it was reassigned, or potentially misplaced.

This will cause a delay as it awaits another vehicle for dispatch to the carrier sort facility.

2. Carrier Delay (Traffic/Weather/Technical Problems)

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Any delay that prevents the carrier from reaching the sorting facility will also mean your package will remain stuck as shipped.

Remember, until the item reaches the facility and is scanned, there will be no new updates.

Bad weather, logistical issues in transit, and any mechanical problems are the common causes of such delays.

3. Facility Delay

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This is another major problem and a very common cause for why you end up seeing the shipped alert for more than you would like.

Essentially, the package has arrived at the carrier sort facility and backlog means it does not get scanned in for sortation, for several days.

During all of this, your package will remain on shipped.

Common causes for this type of delay include seasonal volumes (too many packages in the facility), and technical / staffing problems inside the facility.

China is still reeling from its Covid policies, meaning that understaffing remains a very real problem.

What to do if Your Shein Package is Stuck in Shipped

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First and foremost I recommend you exercise patience.

Shein packages from China (unless you opt for express shipping), can take weeks.

If the first part of the shipment journey inside China takes some time, so be it.

This is the reality of economy shipments.

Some orders will be on shipped for a day or two, some could even take 5 days or more.

During this time, the package is making its slow way to the carrier facility.

If however, you really do think something has gone awry there are three actionable steps you can take.

1. Check the Tracking Number in 17Track or Parcelsapp


Just in case your Shein tracking isn’t updating, enter the number that you have into a universal tracking app such as 17Track or Parcelsapp.

I find that these show updates faster than my Shein account, and will often provide more detailed information too.

2. Contact Shein

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This is simple enough. Just raise a ticket with Shein customer services.

Do not expect a fast response though, or a particularly serious one. At this stage of the shipment, you will be expected to wait longer for developments.

3. Contact the Carrier

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You could also choose to contact the carrier directly.

If you’re in the USA, Shein will often use China Post for the shipment process inside China, (USPS will then deliver when it reaches the United States).

Yanwen is another service used for the early stages of a Shein shipment.

Again, contacting these carriers and expecting much of a response when the shipment has only just begun, will not normally be that beneficial.

Overall, it is not uncommon for a Shein package to be stuck on Shipped.

If an economy carrier has been used, it can take quite some time for the package to arrive at the sorting facility and receive its first scan.

Whenever you order an item from Shein, patience is a virtue 🙂

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