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Why is LaserShip So Bad? An In-depth Report

In the world of e-commerce logistics inside the U.S., LaserShip (now rebranded as On-Trac) emerged as a controversial player.

Not only has it drawn the ire of customers through lackluster performance, but the company also ignited a cigarette scandal that raised eyebrows across the entire industry.

Today, I am going to delve into the underbelly of LaserShip’s operations, I’ll uncover a web of issues ranging from poor performance statistics to protracted delivery times, prompting the question: Why is LaserShip so damn bad?

Business Partnership With Amazon

Amazon package in the rain

First up, let’s take a look at the business partnership LaserShip has with Amazon.

Undoubtedly this is the way most customers have encountered this carrier service, and is the source of a huge amount of customer dissatisfaction.

In an attempt to maximize profits, when Amazon cannot deliver an item using its own delivery network, it will resort to using cheaper carrier firms to fulfill those orders.

So instead of your order being completed with premium services offered through UPS or FedEx, a driver from LaserShip will be taking care of it.

Or not take care of it, as the case so often is.

Social media platforms such as Twitter (now X), Reddit, and Facebook are full of complaints about LaserShip.

Packages are delivered late, or maybe not delivered at all.

Exacerbating this issue is that LaserShip is responsible for Amazon same-day service deliveries. A requirement that is strongly enforced by Amazon on a contractual basis.

Amazon package on the sidewalk

As a result, LaserShip seems to have no qualms about discarding items outside or in the wrong place, just so that they can scan and report the package as delivered.

Packages are also delivered to the wrong address, and the forums are full of incidents where an item has just been lost altogether.

A Reddit feed started by one user sums up the general feeling in just one paragraph:

I know I’m probably beating a dead horse at the point, but Lasership is the absolute worst. From my experience, at best it’s annoying, but at it’s worst insufferable.

Customers who attempt to contact LaserShip report only bad things:

“When I tried to contact LaserShip about a missing package, it felt like I was talking to a wall. No real solutions, just automated replies. It’s like they don’t care about the customers at all.”

You really do not have to search far online to find complaints about LaserShip.

LaserShip Lies About Delivery

lasership lies

A predominant reason LaserShip is perceived as so bad is the widespread belief that the carrier lies about delivery.

This understandably leaves customers frustrated and questioning the integrity of their services.

Customer testimonials on online forums and social media platforms recount instances where individuals claim to have experienced discrepancies between the stated delivery status and the actual delivery of their packages by LaserShip.

In other words, the carrier has outright lied.

Users describe situations where the tracking information showed packages as “delivered” when, in reality, they had not yet reached the customer.

Arriving the following day as if the previous day’s “delivered” update hadn’t happened at all.

The Cigarette Scandal


One of the most shocking revelations surrounding LaserShip involves a cigarette scandal that rocked the company to its core.

In September 2014, LaserShip concluded a $5 million settlement with the city of New York related to the delivery of untaxed cigarettes.

The initial lawsuit claimed that between 2011 and 2013, LaserShip had unlawfully delivered over 120,000 cartons, violating both federal and state laws.

This violation resulted in tax losses amounting to $1.9 million.

Albeit a number of years ago, it can be argued that one of the reasons LaserShip bought out and subsequently rebranded itself as On-Trac is due to the reputation of the parent company… the name LaserShip was just too toxic after these events.

Statistics on Poor Performance

lasership delivery performance

LaserShip’s track record in terms of performance raises significant concerns.

According to industry reports and customer feedback, the company consistently lags behind its competitors in key performance metrics.

Late deliveries, damaged packages, and lost items have become synonymous with the LaserShip experience, leaving customers frustrated and disillusioned.

Why is LaserShip So Bad?

man shrugging

Adding all the above together, it really is very easy to see why LaserShip was so bad.

When you peel back the layers of LaserShip’s operations, a troubling picture emerges.

The cigarette scandal, dismal performance statistics, customer complaints, protracted delivery times, and a business partnership with Amazon that the company had neither the capacity nor expertise to fulfill (i.e same-day delivery services across the U.S), all led to one outcome – a service that doesn’t deliver, both figuratively and in practice.

The situation got so bad that the company was forced to rebrand.

Time will be the judge on whether the merging with On-Trac will have any significant benefit on the performance and reputation of this carrier service.

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  1. omg I’ve just experienced two undelivered “delivered” packages from Lasership. Ironically, but to be honest it’s more telling than anything else, both delivery notice emails came at 9:02 PM. I had to cancel my home delivery service from the company that uses laser ship because they will not use any other service.


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