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Why Did My FedEx Package Go Farther Away?

You’re expecting a delivery from FedEx and the tracking page shows that the package is actually moving farther away from you.

Why is this happening? Is FedEx making a mistake with the shipment? 

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Why Did My FedEx Package Go Farther Away?

There are a number of reasons your Fedex Package may be moving farther away on its route to the destination, network optimization, consolidation of the package with other items, delays, or the package being misrouted being common causes.

Why Did My FedEx Package Go Farther Away? – Guide

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It can be frustrating to look at your FedEx tracking and see that your delivery is actually moving farther away from you rather than toward you.

The immediate reaction can be to assume that there has been a mistake and that FedEx is incorrectly delivering your package.

However, you know what they say about assumptions… 🙂

Anyway, there are actually a few legitimate reasons this is happening…

1. Network Optimization

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FedEx may use a routing algorithm that optimizes its entire delivery network.

Sometimes this may mean that a package may be sent to a hub or another location further away from its final destination to make the delivery process more efficient.

2. Consolidation of the Package with Other Items

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If your package is part of a larger shipment, it may be consolidated with other packages that are being sent to a hub or another location.

Once the packages are consolidated, they may be separated and sent to their final destinations.

3. Delays in the Network

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There may be unexpected delays in the delivery process due to weather, mechanical issues, or other factors.

These delays may cause your package to be rerouted to another location before it is finally delivered to your address.

4. Misrouted

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There is a possibility that the package was mistakenly sent to the wrong location and needs to be redirected to the correct destination.

The misroute has led the item to travel farther away from the destination address.

What to do if Your Package is Moving Farther Away?


In light of the above explanations, I actually recommend that you do nothing in the first instance when you notice the shipment moving farther away.

Logistics is a strange beast, and although as “the crow flies” your item is moving further away, in terms of the delivery network, it probably all makes sense.

I say “probably”, because if a misroute has occurred, the shipment has indeed gone wrong. 

At the same time, even in that case, FedEx will make efforts to mitigate the situation so that delivery can take place as normal, (i.e the shipment will start to move toward the destination once more).

In any case, it is always best to keep track of your package’s status through the tracking information provided by FedEx.

If the delay amounts to more than us reasonable, or the deviation from the expected delivery route means your package is being held somewhere miles away,  you will need to contact FedEx customer service for assistance.

Final Words

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Overall, it is not uncommon for you to see that the package is moving farther away during the shipment journey.

The delivery network is made up of a hub and spoke system, which means a shipment may travel certain distances in the wrong direction in order to more efficiently move through the network.

It may be difficult considering the reputation of FedEx to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I would recommend this approach, to begin with.

If the package continues to be “off piste” so to speak, or is becoming substantially delayed, you should certainly contact FedEx to begin your inquiries.

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