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What is the UPS Tipping Policy? Can You Tip the Driver?

Whether it’s the holidays or you just want to show your appreciation, what is the UPS tipping policy between drivers and customers?

Let’s take a look…

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SUMMARY: UPS Tipping Policy

  • UPS Drivers CAN accept small cash tips, however, are advised not to.
  • Tipping a small gift is more appropriate.
  • The value of either a cash tip or gift should not exceed $20.
  • Any tip given to seek preferential treatment would be seen as a bribe.

UPS Tipping Policy: Can You Tip the Driver?

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UPS does not have an official tipping policy that prohibits drivers from accepting cash tips from customers.

However, UPS drivers are advised to respectfully decline monetary gratuities. This applies to both year-round tips and those given during the holiday season.

UPS drivers are also told that they should only accept a tip if the customer is insistent. This is to prevent being seen as rude.

How Much Can I Tip a UPS Driver?

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Due to the fact most UPS drivers are encouraged not to accept cash tips, the amount you attempt to tip should remain small. We would recommend $20 or less.

Even then, there are no guarantees the driver will take it.

Can I Buy a UPS Driver a Gift as a Tip?

UPS Tipping Policy

Yes, you can buy a small gift for a UPS driver as a symbol of your appreciation for their service. In fact, it is easier for a UPS driver to accept a gift rather than a monetary gratuity.

However, any gift should be nominal and not of excessive monetary value.

A recommended way of attempting to tip a UPS driver is to leave a basket of small items on your doorstep.

This could contain grab-and-go snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, and other small trinkets, (seasonal ones during the holidays for example).

A small note asking the UPS driver (or any other delivery driver for that matter) to help themselves, will surely put a smile on their face.

What Value Gift Should I Tip a UPS driver?

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Similar to our advice on monetary tips, the value of a gift should not exceed $20.

In the case of the gift basket items recommended above, each item will value a few dollars at most.

The key factor here is that it is the thought that counts.

Can I Tip a UPS Driver to Make My Address Earlier on the Route?

You should definitely not attempt to tip a UPS driver in order to change their route so that you receive packages earlier.

This would constitute a bribe and would be a sackable offense for the UPS driver.

The UPS Code of Business Conduct

code of conduct

UPS has published a Code of Business Conduct for its workers with a section dedicated to gifts and entertainment.

The key takeaway here for UPS drivers and customers looking to tip them is that in all cases the gift has to be reasonable and proportionate.

UPS drivers are encouraged to use their best judgment when accepting a gift from a customer.

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