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What Does USLAXA Mean? (USPS Tracking)

You are expecting a package and have received a “USLAXA” tracking update.

What does USLAXA mean and what do you do if your tracking ends up stuck on this alert?

Let’s take a look…

Summary: What Does USLAXA Mean?

USLAXA breaks down to mean the US and LAX airport. This is an international service Center (also known as ISC Los Angeles CA USPS) owned by the US Postal Service. International inbound and outbound mail items flow through this sorting facility, where they are also subject to customs clearance. 

USLAXA – A Complete Guide

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We have published an in-depth article about ISC Los Angeles CA USPS, however, today we will cover some of the points that will have made you search “USLAXA” in the first place.

Essentially, USLAXA is the main international service center owned by USPS in this region of the west coast, (there is another ISC based in San Francisco).

More specifically, the sorting facility is based in the wider LAX airport complex. 

The clue is essentially in the name.

If you break down USLAXA into its component parts you have US (for the United States) and LAXA for Los Angeles International Airport.

[Fun Fact: Before the 1930s, airports across the United States had two-letter codes as their abbreviation. When airport codes switched to three letters, many added the letter X to the end. So, LA (Los Angeles) became LAX.)

Anyway, as an international sorting center owned by USPS mail items pass through USLAXA on their way in and out of the USA.

This means that customs clearance takes place here, along with sortation to relevant facilities inside the US (inbound mail) or to overseas destinations (outbound mail).

Tracking Stuck on USLAXA


So, it is highly likely that you have searched the USLAXA term because your package tracking has ended up stuck on this alert.

You’re wondering what has happened to your shipment and if there is anything you should do…

Unfortunately, delays in USLAXA (or any USPS ISC) are relatively common. There are a number of reasons for this.

Firstly, you have the sheer volume of packages passing through the facility on a daily basis. 

All it takes is a small disruption in the normal flow of logistical steps for packages to fall behind their delivery schedule.

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Whether it’s a delayed plane due to weather or technical issues, or disruptions in the facility for the same.

Covid wreaked havoc on the carrier industry due to fewer transport methods and reduced staff.

Beyond this, you have the fact that customs clearance also takes place inside USLAXA.

During this process, USPS does not have control of your parcel, (it is not being scanned in order for you to see new updates).

If customs is struggling with a backlog of items, or worse still, there is an issue with the paperwork or contents of the package, you will experience a delay.

That being said, you should be notified by customs if any such issues exist.

What to do if Tracking is Stuck on USLAXA?

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The reason I have spent time explaining the above is that it is important to measure your expectation.

Essentially, it is perfectly normal for your tracking to not update after it has entered USLAXA.

Therefore it is pointless to start worrying or making inquiries with USPS.

That being said, if an expedited international 2-day delivery (or similar) service was purchased, you clearly should contact customer services if USPS fails to deliver within the guaranteed delivery window.

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Under normal service speeds, (and especially any budget carrier option from abroad), patience is very often necessary.

Your package will eventually pass through USLAXA (either on its way to a delivery address in the USA or to an overseas destination), however, it may take time.

Depending on the expected delivery window, I recommend waiting at least 7 business days for the mail item to be processed through the ISC and receiving an updated scan before you get in touch.

USPS Contact Details for International Inquiries

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You can call the International Inquiry Center at 800-222-1811 to make inquiries on any USPS international registered, recorded delivery, insured, mail items as well as standard parcels.

Final Words

Overall, USLAXA is another name for the SC Los Angeles CA USPS. It is the main International service center and sorting facility for Los Angeles and the wider metropolitan area of the United States.

After your package enters USLAXA it can take some time to leave again.

If your package ends up stuck, bear in mind the estimated delivery window of the shipment and contact USPS accordingly.

Hopefully, your parcel will end up moving again with little disruption and the shipment will proceed as it should.

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