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What Does “Shipment Data Uploaded” Mean?

You’re expecting a delivery from Landmark Global and have received a “Shipment Data Uploaded” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this alert and what happens next?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Shipment Data Uploaded

The “Shipment Data Uploaded” tracking alert means that the sender has created an order with the carrier (Landmark Global) for a shipment. Essentially, the sender has printed a label and the data for the shipment has been sent to the carrier. When the alert is triggered the package will still be with the sender.

Shipment Data Uploaded – Guide

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As the summary basically states, when the sender makes a shipment order with the carrier the details of that shipment are entered into the carrier database and a tracking number is assigned.

This triggers the “Shipment Data Uploaded” alert. It is the first alert sent by the carrier to communicate the fact an order has been created.

However, in most cases, this means that the package is either still with the sender or is inside a fulfillment center that the sender uses.

A shipping order has been made and a label printed.

Now the item will be packaged and picked up by the carrier (or dropped off to the carrier by the sender) and the shipment journey will begin.

How Long Until the Package is Moving?

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The next update you should receive will be confirmation that the carrier has possession of the package. 

Once a driver has picked it up, or the sender has dropped it off with the carrier, the item is physically scanned. This will trigger a new alert.

However, the time this process takes will vary.

Normally you can expect a new update within 48hrs, however here are some variables that can impact the speed at which this takes place:

  • The sender has been delayed in dropping the package with the carrier
  • Driver not scanning item on pick up (meaning it won’t receive a scan until sorted in the carrier facility)
  • Carrier delayed picking the item up from the sender or fulfillment center.
  • Any general logistical delay (weather/technical/error) preventing the shipment from progress

What to do if Tracking is Stuck on “Shipment Data Uploaded”

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As explained above, you should receive a new update within 48hrs of the alert being sent.

If this does not happen, your first step should be to notify the sender that no further progress seems to be taking place.

Just an enquiry should be enough to speed up the process if the sender has been lacking and failed to send it at that stage.

If they have handed over to the carrier, and the delay seems to be significant, the sender should also contact the service to see what the hold-up is.

In any case, if the sender is not forthcoming, you may choose to contact Landmark Global (or whichever carrier is responsible), to find out more.

What Happens Next?

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The first destination for the package once it has entered the delivery network of the carrier, will be a local sorting facility close to the sender.

Here it will be sorted and dispatched to a relevant facility (or international hub if applicable) located closer to the recipient’s address.

Example updates include, “Scanned at Landmark Crossdock Facility” and “Crossing Border and in Transit to Carrier Hub

Essentially, as the package moves through the delivery infrastructure as it should, you will receive updates as the item proceeds.

Final Words

Overall, the package is at the very beginning of its journey when the “Shipment Data Uploaded” alert is triggered.

It means that an order has been made with the carrier.

However, at this stage, they will not have the physical package. It is now up to the sender (or fulfillment service) to package the item, attach the label and arrange for it to be in the hands of the carrier.

Once this takes place, and the carrier carries out the first physical scan, you will receive a new update.

At this stage, the package is inside the delivery network and the shipment process will have begun.

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