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What Does “Scanned into Sack/Container” Mean? (DHL)

You’re waiting on a delivery from DHL and you have received a “Scanned into Sack/Container” status update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you receive this alert and what should you do if your tracking ends up stuck?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Scanned into Sack/Container

The “Scanned into Sack/Container” tracking update from DHL means that your package is now inside the container that will be loaded onto the plane (or long-distance truck) for transit toward the recipient’s location. It is a status used for international shipments as well as domestic packages.

Scanned into Sack/Container – Guide

DHL Container loading

Essentially this update tells you that the item is close to being loaded onto the aircraft for transit.

Whereas the Close Bag update informs customers that the package has been grouped with other items inside a bag ready for transit, oftentimes, that bag will be loaded onto a container before being placed onto the aircraft. 

The “Scanned into Sack/Container” alert means that this process has taken place, i.e the bag (which contains the package), has now been scanned into the container.

You can think of it a bit like Russian dolls. Your package, inside a bag, inside a container, is about to be placed inside the hull of an airplane.

Tracking Stuck on “Scanned into Sack/Container”

A single DHL container on a dock

It is important to realize that this alert could be the last one that you receive for a number of days. This may lead you to believe that the tracking is stuck, however, this is not always the case.

For example, the container that your package is inside could experience delays being loaded onto the plane.

A number of reasons can cause this from the unavailability of aircraft, weather or technical issues, and general logistical errors.

Your package then has to go through overseas transit (or across the country on a domestic shipment).

DHL warehouse and containers

After this, it will be unloaded and won’t trigger an update until DHL scans the container again.

All in all, this entire process could easily mean that you see no further updates for anything between 3 and 7 days.

On a standard delivery option, this is not an issue. However, on an expedited delivery speed, this could mean that the package is late.

At what point you contact DHL for inquiries about the tracking being stuck, really does depend on the service speed purchased and how long you have had to wait.

As explained, a few days can be the norm, anything longer and you have grounds for complaint.

What Happens After the “Scanned into Sack/Container” Alert?

Scanned into Sack/Container

The tracking updates you receive after this alert will vary depending on the destination.

In the screenshot above, an update has been received that confirms the package has arrived in the destination country, (UK) and that tracking updates could end there.

Note by the way, that the time between the “Scanned into Sack/Container” update and the new one was over 8 days. Supporting the point above that it can take some time between alerts.

Other updates you might receive after the one in question, include “Shipment Has Been Given a Release by Customs“, and “Processed at Local Distribution Center“.

Final Words

Overall, the “Scanned into Sack/Container” update is a standard alert that informs customers the package is close to being loaded onto the plane.

It has been scanned into the container that will be placed onto the plane (or long-distance truck).

Transit toward the destination location will then take place.

If you experience serious delays during this process, (I.e the tracking doesn’t update for more than 5 to 7 business days), you have grounds to contact DHL.

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