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What Does “Arrived at Linehaul Office” Mean? (AliExpress)

You’ve ordered an item from AliExpress and you have received an “Arrived at Linehaul Office” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when this status is sent and is there anything you need to do?

Let’s take a look…

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“Arrived at Linehaul Office” Meaning

The tracking status means that the package has been transferred to the service responsible for overseas transportation. For AliExpress shipments, this is either an airline or a cargo ship. Essentially, the package is about to be dispatched overseas.

Where is My Package When I Receive the “Arrived at Linehaul Office” Update?

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Your package has cleared customs and is being handled by the line-haul operator. It will now be loaded onto the aircraft or cargo ship for transportation overseas.

Where is My Package When I Receive the “Received by line-haul” Update?

How Long Before it Departs the Origin Country?

Depending on the service speed used the package may remain at the exit point of the origin country for a number of days.

For example, AliExpress Standard Shipping takes between 2 and 6 weeks. The longer end of this delivery schedule means the package will be transported by ship.

A “Arrived at Linehaul Office” alert in relation to a package traveling by container ship, can feasibly remain at the exit port for up to a week before it is loaded on a scheduled vessel for transportation.


Conversely, an ePacket AliExpress premium parcel takes approximately one to two weeks for delivery.

Sent by air, these packages will often be loaded onto the next available airplane within 2 days of the “Arrived at Linehaul Office” alert.

Note: AliExpress is fundamentally an eCommerce sales platform. Vendors are within their rights to use any method of overseas transport logistics.

This means delivery speeds vary widely, as do the frequency and nature of the status alerts you can expect to receive.

What Does “Accepted for Linehaul Transportation” Mean?

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Accepted for linehaul transportation is a variation of the “Arrived at Linehaul Office” status alert and essentially means the same thing.

Your package has been accepted by the line-haul service operator and is now being prepared for overseas shipment via airplane or cargo ship.

The “Received by Line-haul” Tracking Update

As you can see by the wording, this is another similar update.

Essentially, different carriers will use slightly different terminology to mean the same thing.

If you see a “Received by Line-haul” tracking update, everything you have read in this article will apply.

My Package is Stuck on the “Arrived at Linehaul Office” Update

The main reason your package will seem stuck on the alert is that there can be a very long gap between this update and the ones to follow.

To understand this, it is important to realize what happens next.

A seabound shipment could be in-transit for several weeks before the next scan triggers a new alert.

This will hopefully be to inform you that the item has touched port in the destination country, (i.e. where you live).

Similarly, even airfreight can take several days before you receive a follow-up status alert.

During this time the logistics service is doing its job, transporting the goods overseas.

As with any shipment from China to the West, it is important to be patient.

What to do if Your Tracking Remains on the “Arrived at Linehaul Office” Update?

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If over 30 days pass and your package remain stuck on the “Arrived at Linehaul Office” update, you may want to contact the seller for more details on progress.

We hasten to add, that 30 days without further updates is by no means unusual for an AliExpress Standard shipment. 

That being said, at this point, it is a good idea to be aware of when your 60-day buyer’s protection period runs out.

If the package does not arrive within this time, the guarantee period allows you to raise a dispute and have either a replacement item sent or request a refund.

Overall, however, you will be expected to wait until near the end of this period before any resolution will be made.

What Does “Line-haul Departure” Mean?

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Some overseas logistics will create one more alert before the shipment leaves the origin country. This is the “line-haul departure” status.

Essentially this means that whichever mode of transport your package is using (ship or airplane), it has now successfully departed the country of origin.

What are Line-haul charges?


Linehaul charges will already be factored into the delivery charge that you paid when purchasing the item on AliExpress.

Your invoice for shipping fees will not state the specific line-hail charges. Instead, you will pay the combined fee for all aspects of the delivery, (line haul, origin & destination postal service, and applicable last-mile carrier fees).

Final Words

Received by line-haul cargo port

The “Arrived at Linehaul Office” tracking alert means that your item has passed the export process of the origin country and will soon be departing via the ordered transportation method.

However, you will need to be patient as this is still very early in the shipment journey, with your package potentially being weeks away from the final delivery.

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  1. I have order material still not get no more contact with me no more idea for oman linehaul office how can recived parcel of me?

  2. My parcel already have in oman linehaul office but I have no more contact number for linehaul office then how can get my parcel?

  3. My parcel already have in oman linehaul office but I have no more contact number for linehaul office then how can get my parcel? My truck number S00000298474507.

    • Hi there, according to 17Track, “Your shipment has been delivered to the postal operator of the country of destination”. It seems you’re based in Oman according tracking, so it is worth checking with your local postal operator to see if they have the package.


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