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What Does “Parcel Handed to DPD” Mean?

You’re expecting a delivery and have received a “Parcel Handed to DPD” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this alert and what do you do if it is stuck?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Parcel Handed to DPD

The “Parcel Handed to DPD” status update means that DPD now has the physical item in its delivery network. The parcel could have been handed over to staff at a parcel shop, a DPD driver. Essentially, it is no longer with the sender.

Parcel Handed to DPD – Guide

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This update is triggered early on the shipment journey. 

We have already covered the “Order Information has Been Transmitted to DPD” update in another article.

However. It is important to understand that the “Parcel Handed to DPD” alert actually follows from this.

Whereas the former update basically means that the sender has made an order for shipment with DPD, the latter means that they have handed the parcel over to DPD.

A sender has a few ways that this handover can take place. They could have visited a DPD parcel shop to deliver the package to DPD direct.

Or, they may have arranged for a DPD driver to pick up the parcel while on their route.

Either way, this scan, and subsequent tracking update inform the recipient that DPD now has the physical package within its delivery network.

What Happens After a “Parcel Handed to DPD” Update?


Now that DPD has the package, the normal, logistical process will take place.

All carriers follow similar methods. The package will go from the parcel shop or driver’s van to the nearest DPD sorting facility. (An In-Transit alert may be triggered as this happens).

After arrival at the facility (also known as a delivery center), the package will be sorted and then dispatched to a facility closer to the destination address.

Whether the parcel flows through one or more facilities on its way to the recipient, will depend on the distances covered.

An international shipment will pass through several logistical steps including customs and airfreight before it arrives in the destination country.

After the package reached a delivery center local to the recipient, it will go out for delivery.

Package Tracking Stuck on “Parcel Handed to DPD”

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It is not unusual for a DPD shipment to be stuck on this tracking update for several days.

This is simply down to the fact that not all subsequent scans will trigger updates.

In other words, as the item passes through the delivery network (being in transit and reaching one or more facilities), the tracking isn’t updating.

This can cause concern and can understandably make you think that the parcel is stuck in one place.

Patience is sometimes necessary here.


You can try the tracking number in universal tracking search engines such as 17Track or Parcelsapp to see if the scans are triggering updates that can be found there.

However, essentially, you will need to allow a few days to pass before contacting DPD for information.

In my experience, if you do this too soon, you will be told that the shipment is in process and that you need to wait longer.

Of course, for domestic deliveries, if 5 or more business days pass with no new updates, you will want to find out why.

The processes for international shipments are more complicated, I would advise waiting at least 7 days before making inquiries.

Final Words

Overall, the “Parcel Handed to DPD” update just means that DPD now has the physical package in its network. The parcel is still at the very beginning of the shipment journey. 

With several logistical steps to go through, delivery is still several days away if not more.

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