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What Does “Left FedEx Origin Facility” Mean?

You’re expecting a delivery and you have received a “Left FedEx Origin Facility” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Where is your package when you see this alert and what happens if it becomes stuck?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Left FedEx Origin Facility

The “Left FedEx Origin Facility” tracking update simply means that the package has left the FedEx facility close to the origin of the shipment, i.e, the facility closest to the sender where the package first entered the FedEx logistics infrastructure. The package is still at the beginning of its journey at this stage.

Left FedEx Origin Facility – Guide

The fact the facility is close to the origin of the shipment means there are several more steps for the package to go through before it reaches the recipient.

However, “Left FedEx Origin Facility” clearly means that the item is now in transit. 

But where is the next location? This depends on the distance between the origin and the destination of the shipment. 

If both parties live in the same U.S state, the package may leave the origin facility and be transported directly to a FedEx facility close to the destination.

From there it could go out for delivery and the whole process is complete within two or three days, (depending on the service speed used of course).

Conversely, an international shipment will need to go through several more steps.

After leaving the origin facility it would be transported to a FedEx international hub, (airport) go through customs processing, and depart towards the destination country. A journey that will naturally take a lot longer.

Left FedEx Origin Facility
The package is at the beginning of its journey when the update is sent

Updates to Expect After “Left FedEx Origin Facility”

The most likely update you will see with a package that is being tracked comprehensively is “In Transit”, or “Arrived at FedEx Location”

Also, if you do live close to the sender you might immediately receive the “At Destination Sort Facility” update. International shipments will receive alerts regarding the customs process and export.

Tracking Stuck on “Left FedEx Origin Facility”


If your tracking is stuck for more than 3 or 4 business days I would recommend that you contact FedEx for an update on the shipment progress and its current location.

Note: This time span can be reduced if the package is being delivered via an expedited service such as 48hrs.

There are a couple of common causes for the absence of new updates:

  • The package is in transit after it leaves the origin facility; traffic, mechanical breakdown or simply being loaded onto the wrong truck can cause a delay that prevents new updates.
  • The package has arrived at the next location but wasn’t scanned. You haven’t received an update although the shipment is moving according to the schedule.
  • The package has been mislaid or is missing and the location is unknown, (and it is not receiving new scans).

Whatever the outcome, contacting FedEx will be your first step to getting the shipment back on track.

Final Words

Overall, the “Left FedEx Origin Facility” is a good update to receive. The item has been scanned, sorted, and dispatched from the facility close to the sender.

It is now in transit, making its way through the delivery chain towards the destination address.

With any luck, your package will be with you very soon.

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