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What Does “Despatched to Overseas” Mean? (AliExpress)

You’ve ordered a package from AliExpress and have received a “Despatched to overseas” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly? Is it as self-explanatory as it seems or is there more to it? And how far is your item from delivery when you see this update?

Let’s take a look…

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Summary: Despatched to Overseas

The “Despatched to overseas” status alert simply means that the shipment has left one country (despatched) and is on its way to another country, (overseas). It could be making its way to an intermediate transit country or the destination country.

Despatched to Overseas – Guide

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First, let’s cover the elephant in the room for any grammar types here today.

Although “Dispatched” is the correct spelling for American English, and is widely used around the world today, “Despatched” is the older native English spelling of the word.

eCommerce carriers based in China and Singapore use the original English spelling, one might guess in connection with the centuries-old trading relationships forged during the British Empire.

Moving on from that, the “Despatched to overseas” update is relatively self-explanatory.

The alert is triggered when an AliExpress shipment leaves one country and begins transit to another country.

In some scenarios (usually shipments via expedited delivery methods), the “overseas” location will be the destination country.

Where the package has been sent standard delivery, or even economy via cargo ship, the “overseas” location could just as easily be an intermediate transit country.

In other words, a stopover country along the route toward the destination.

How Far is My Package From Delivery When I See This Update?

Despatched to Overseas

This all depends on the delivery service opted for and where your package is when you receive the “Despatched to overseas” update.

If you have opted for a premium AliExpress delivery time (7 to 15 working days), and this alert has come at the beginning of the shipment journey, your package has likely just left the origin country, (China).

As long as there are no complications when the package arrives in the destination country, (I.e package contents or documentation issues during clearance or delays at the international hub), you should receive your item within the designated delivery window. 

However, a standard delivery leaves a lot more room for error and delays.

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An AliExpress standard shipment takes between 15 and 45 working days, (that’s between 3 weeks and over 2 months).

The problem here lies in the fact economy carriers are used for such shipments. After you have received the “Despatched to overseas” update, your package may pass through a transit country, be delayed in the import hub of the destination country, and then even be held up while it awaits collection by the postal service responsible for final delivery.

With all aspects combined, it is not uncommon for AliExpress customers to wait the full 2 months or more for their shipment to arrive.

What to do if Tracking is Stuck on “Despatched to Overseas”

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When you take action on a shipment if the tracking is stuck on this update depends on the delivery service used.

Essentially, if the tracking is stuck for 2 weeks on a premium delivery, (and the delivery window is drawing to a close), you should take action by contacting the seller and raising a dispute via the AliExpress platform.

In cases where standard delivery has been used, you will have no grounds to complain after just two weeks. The delivery window is up to 45 working days after all.

In this situation, you will have to simply keep an eye on your buyer protection period, (AliExpress offers 60 days).

I would recommend that you ignore your tracking, (except any notification that asks you or the sender to take action), and only come back to it once 60 days are drawing to a close.

If your tracking is still stuck on “Despatched to overseas” at this point, or plainly seems no closer to delivery, you should open a dispute through AliExpress to either receive a refund or a replacement item to be sent.

What Happens After a “Despatched to Overseas” Status Alert?

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The next update you might receive after the “Despatched to overseas” alert, is some kind of notification that the item has arrived in the transit or destination country. 

Example updates include: “Arrived at Destination Hub“, “Arrived at Airport of Destination“, and “The Item has Arrived in the Transit Airport“.

Final Words

In most cases, the “Despatched to overseas” alert means that the package is in the early stages of its journey.

It has left one country and will be arriving overseas in another country. 

With any luck, this will be the destination country and your AliExpress shipment will be with you soon.

That being said, long delivery times are common, so if you do end up waiting several more weeks for further updates, ensure you are aware of your buyer protection period so you are covered if anything goes wrong.

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