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What Does “BELGGB” Mean? Carrier Tracking Guide

You are expecting a package and have received a “BELGGB” tracking update.

What does BELGGB mean and what do you do if your tracking ends up stuck on this alert?

Let’s take a look…

Summary: BELGGB Meaning

BELGGB is the tracking name of the Liege sorting facility located in Belgium. It is a large international sorting facility that is used as a central hub for packages shipped in and out of Europe. Customs clearance procedures take place at the facility, and it belongs to Royal PostNL, Belgium.

BELGGB – Complete Tracking Guide

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We have published an in-depth article about Liege Linehaul here and discussed some of the issues that customers of different carriers have had once their package reaches this well-known hub.

Essentially, BELGGB is another name for this facility and is used by carriers within specific tracking updates.

The facility is a central hub for international inbound and outbound mail items shipped in and out of Europe.

As an indication of the scale and importance of BELGGB, Alibaba, and AliExpress utilize the Liege facility as its main arrival location for eCommerce packages entering Europe.

From here packages are distributed using multiple carriers to their respective final destinations.

Many other China-based ecommerce platforms also use Liege (i.e. BELGGB) as the import location for items into Europe.

Tracking Stuck on “BELGGB”

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Let’s face it, you have probably googled this term because your tracking has become stuck, or a complication has occurred during the shipment process at this stage.

To understand why your package might be stuck at BELGGB, it is important to have a clear idea of what goes on there.

As previously stated, customs clearance takes place within Liege and this will be the probable cause of your package being delayed.

Furthermore, if yours is a shipment coming from China an economy carrier was likely used.

Not only do international packages take time to go through customs at Leige, but economy shipments are also placed on a low priority.

In other words, it can take multiple days, if not a week or more for a package to pass through the BELGGB facility and proceed to the next point in the delivery network.

Only then, will you often receive a new tracking update to signify that your package is finally moving again.

And remember, this length of time is assuming there are no issues at Liege. 

Add this to the potential for high seasonal package volumes, logistical issues within the network, or incomplete, inaccurate shipment paperwork, and the delay can be much longer.

What to do if your Tracking is Stuck?

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Now that you know the potential reasons for a shipment being stuck at BELGGB, let’s look at some of the steps you can take to mitigate it.

1. Exercise Patience

The first positive move you can make is to exercise patience. It is extremely common for packages to be held up in Liege for several days or more.

2. Check Tracking with a Universal Tracking app


While you exercise patience, I also recommend that you take a look at your tracking with a universal tracking app such as 17Track or Parcelsapp.

Depending on your carrier, it could be that your shipment is moving but you are not receiving new updates.

These universal apps will scan the databases of hundreds of carriers to see if information exists elsewhere.

If the package is moving, the details should be revealed.

3. Contact the Carrier / Sender

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In cases where your package is held up for what is amounting to weeks, you should contact the carrier responsible for the shipment as well as the sender.

It might be that issues have occurred during clearance and more information is required.

Although customs should contact parties if this is the case, communication can sometimes break down.

By making contact you can start the process of getting to the bottom of the delay.

4. Check Buyer Guarantee Periods

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Finally, in scenarios where you have purchased something from an e-commerce platform, I recommend t you consult the buyer’s gurantee periods of the respective marketplace.

For example, AliExpress has a 60 to 90-day buyer’s guarantee period

If the item doesn’t arrive in that time you will be able to open a claim through your Aliexpress account, and in the case of non-delivery be entitled to a refund or a replacement item sent.

Shein, Wish, etc also have periods within which you can claim in situations where the item is lost in transit or delayed past the recommended delivery window.

Final Words

The above being said, the issue of the package never arriving is the worst-case scenario.

In the majority of cases, the shipment will pass through Liege (BELGGB) and will be received by the carrier responsible for the next stage of the delivery process within a few days, and up to a week or two.

It is frustrating, but this is the nature of international shipments from China to Europe.

By following the mentioned steps you should be able to keep on top of the situation and will know what to do, when the package does end up stuck.

Good luck, hopefully, your item will be moving again soon.

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