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Can I Use my Virtual Address for my Driver’s License?


The question is in the title… Can a virtual address be used on a driver’s license with the DMV?

The answer is yes. With caveats.

The address that your virtual mailbox provides you CAN be used with the DMV when RENEWING OR UPDATING your existing driver’s license.

The important distinction here is renewing or updating. If you are attempting to apply for a NEW LICENSE you will NOT be able to use a virtual mailbox address.


Problems when updating a driver’s license using a virtual address

However, you may encounter complications if the virtual address is in a different state to where you reside.

For example, if you attempt to use a New York virtual mailing address while updating a Nevada-based license, the DMV will likely see this as invalid.

Under these circumstances, you would be asked to apply for a brand new license based in New York. And as we have mentioned above, a virtual address cannot be used for a new license.

The only situation where you might be able to update a license with an address in a different state is if you can prove that the move is only temporary.

An out-of-state college course for example, or a short-term job relocation period with contractual evidence that the move is temporary.

Why can’t new driver’s licenses use a virtual address?

Circumstances where you apply for a new license, such as moving to another state, require you to provide proof of residence in that state. A virtual mailbox address does not satisfy proof of residence for the DMV.

Using a virtual mailbox for your driver’s license

In situations where a virtual address is valid with the DMV, you need to be prepared for the fact your license will be sent to your virtual mailbox provider.

You will then need to organize for the license to be redirected to your living address.

For as long as the DMV has that address on file as your contact location, it can be used for license renewals and for registering your vehicles.

Other problems when using a virtual address with the DMV

A final issue to bear in mind is if you are using a P.O Box address through your mailbox provider. Some low-cost virtual mailbox services use P.O Box numbers. You will not be able to use one of these with the DMV.

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