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USPS “Package Research Case Created” – Tracking Guide

Whether you are the sender of a package or the recipient, the “Package Research Case Created” update from USPS can raise a few questions.

What exactly does the alert mean? Where is the package when the update is sent and how long will the case take?

Let’s take a look…

Summary: Package Research Case Created

The “Package Research Case Created” update from USPS means that the package has been reported missing and that a case for locating the item has begun. In most scenarios, the sender will have made the report after not receiving the package in the appropriate amount of time.

Package Research Case Created – Guide

5 steps to usps case created process

After the update is triggered, USPS will begin the process of locating the missing package.

This will involve looking through the progress of the item thus far and will be reliant on information provided by the party that opened the search case, (normally the recipient).

Furthermore, inquiries into a missing item that has been classed as delivered by USPS will differ from those that point to the item being delayed inside a facility.

Either way, when reporting the missing mail item the party opening the case will provide as many details as possible.

Unfortunately for the sender, receiving the “Package Research Case Created” update can sometimes be the first time you are made aware that issues have occurred.

In an eCommerce context, this might lead to the buyer (i.e. recipient of the package) requesting a refund or replacement item sent directly from the seller.

Whether this can be recouped via USPS will depend on the outcome of the research case and the level of delivery service originally purchased.

How long does a Research Case take?

clocks and time passing

From the time you make the research case, USPS will take between 5 and 10 days to reach a decision.

However, the type of postage service used will determine at what point after the shipment begins, you can open up the missing mail claim.

For example, Priority Mail, First Class, and Certified Mail classes are eligible for opening a case 7 days after the original postage date.

Domestic Registered and Ground services require you to wait 14 days after the original postage date.

However, as mentioned the case itself should be resolved within 5 to 10 days of the case being requested.

What to Expect After a “Package Research Case Created” Update?

Package Research Case Created

USPS does not state specifically the actions that are taken during an open research case.

That being said, an investigation into the route of the mail item, where it was last scanned, and where it currently might be located is clearly part of the process.

After the search period, the next tracking update will be “Package Research Case Closed”. The outcome will also be communicated. 

Either the item will be classed as missing by USPS so that an insurance claim can be filed, or the research case has discovered the location of the package and it is now making its way to the destination address.

Final Words

Essentially, the “Package Research Case Created” status update is used to notify parties that a missing mail claim has been made.

USPS has begun looking into the whereabouts of the missing package and a resolution should be stated within 5 to 10 days.

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  1. I purchased an item on eBay and it was mailed by Priority Mail on the 5th of January. As of the 7th, there had been no further status updates. On the 7th, the package was last scanned in Houston. I contacted the seller and he put in a service request. I called the post office the following day, because the status had changed to Research Package Case Closed. When calling the postal service, they made sure I was the correct recipient and then told me that the Research Package Case Closed meant that the case had been “resolved.” No explanation on how it was resolved. I don’t know if the package was lost or damaged or on its way. She also told me to call in and reopen the case which I did. Then the case was assigned a new service request number and that resulted in the addition of these words: “Last Location Pocatello” which is where I live. However, that was not part of the status. No status update since Research Package Case Closed at all. The Research package case closed status occurred on Wednesday the 17th. There has been no status update at all since then. No follow up to state the status. No one called to explain the status. It is now Sunday the 21st, and I am concerned as to what the “resolution” or “case closed” means. I have had delivery on Sunday when a package had gone missing and was found, but I don’t expect that service every time. So how do I know if I am going to receive my package?


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